1953 Ford F-100 Father-Daughter Project

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1953 F100 front

Ford F-100 pickup is being restored by a father-daughter duo.

The story of this 1953 Ford F-100 build project was initially shared in a thread in the 1948 – 1956 F1, F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks section for forum member jcslocum. The OP is the father in this father-daughter duo, titling his thread “New Truck intro and a Teach Your Daughters Well”, but overall, this is the daughter’s project with dad providing help along the way.

The Introduction

1953 F100 on trailer

When jcslocum first introduced his daughter’s 1953 Ford F-100 project, he provided pictures of the truck before the tear-down began along with offering up some details on the plans.

Allie Works on Engine

“My daughter, the child that is a motor head like dad wants a new project, so she goes out and finds a 1953 F-100 to build. We drag it home with rust and a mostly stuck motor.

He’s not pretty but he’s now hers. His name is now Winslow. We spend some time trying to unstick the engine, but overall we are not successful and end up pulling it out.”

As we can see, there is plenty of work to be done to this 1953 F-100, and the team starts with the flathead engine. The OP documented the tear-down and rebuilding process of this old-school engine, watching over his daughter while assisting her and taking pictures.

Flathead Engine

The OP also offered us some information on his daughter, who is the driving force behind this project.

“Thanks for the compliments and support! She’s a real car girl thru and thu. She drives an M3 and her other cars are a Hot Rod 911 that she has built the engine for, and a 944 that she has had as her first car. She also has soft hands, a masters in psychology and profiles for a scary 3 letter gov’t agency.

That is a flatty she’s building, not a Y motor. She didn’t want to make any change to the power plant. She likes the look of the flatty and the are plenty of SBC and SBF transplants to go around. She will also keep the 3 on the tree. It’s different and cool. Also means that it will NEVER get stolen and no one young enough to steal cars knows what it is.

I have 4 daughters and all I can tell you is to start out slow with them and get them involved with you. Not sweeping the floor or fectching coffee or beers for you. Let them choose the music in the garage (it will be horrible) so they can feel at home. She has been to welding school and can weld mig, tig and gas. She is our renaissance girl.”

The Engine Rebuild

Engine oil sludge

Over the course of the first two pages of this 1953 Ford F-100 build project thread, the OP details the engine rebuilding process. This includes tearing the engine apart to find out how bad it is inside, and in addition to an inch of oil sludge at the bottom of the pan, they find that there are plenty of bearings in need of attention.

Allie with Crankshaft

They also find some damaged valves and the rest of the valves were pretty carbon-caked from decades of abuse, so the engine had to be completely torn down and rebuilt.

This build shows step-by-step images of the valves being machined, the valve seats being refinished and the engine block being prepared for the new crankshaft. As time went on, the daughter completed the valve train and installed the crankshaft, after painting the engine block bright Ford blue.

Valve Seat Work

Right now, that is as far as the build project has gotten. We generally like to showcase builds that are a little further along, but this 1953 Ford F-100 project is unique, so this is one that we will definitely continue watching in the coming weeks. Once the engine is finished, it will be interesting to see which part of this major rebuild is next.

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