BUILDUP: A Vintage 1953 Ford F-100 Build!

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Everyone has a slight idea of how a build will go when they get started. Some are absolutely certain from the beginning about what they’ll do their ride, and others not so much. They simply start wrenching and see where it goes from there.

Neither way is correct or incorrect – just different. As I’m sure we can all agree, everyone is a bit different and does things in a unique manner, which means we get to enjoy lots of different and great-looking builds!

As for FTE member, Hanger53, finding the right ride to start with was one of the most important parts of his build. Amazingly enough, he recently found it and has begun working on it! The rig is a 1953 Ford F-100 with a 239 flathead, three-on-the-tree, and even a 3.92 rear. While some problems exist, it’s still pretty perfect for what he plans to do. All the right parts are there, and it’s truly a solid place to start. His plan is simple – to restore it and keep most of it stock and original along the way!

Go stop by his build thread and show you support!

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