Join the Cream Team With This 1953 F-100

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1953 F-100

Retro is one of those fads that has never, and probably will never go away. Even folks that weren’t around in decades like the ’50s and ’60s can’t help but be charmed by the vehicles of that era. As well as the custom touches that were all the rage back then.

1953 F-100

There’s something magical about a well done ’50s F-Series truck that no one can resist. The curvy round fenders, and the chugging sounds made by the famous Flathead V8 are quite simply, impossible to deny. Especially when it’s mildly customized with a nod to the old days of the hot rod era.

1953 F-100

This 1953 F-100 is a great example of that bygone era. A simpler time when you didn’t need to change much on your ride to make it cool. The off-white paint job is a proper choice for the times, as are the wide white sidewall tires and painted steel wheels.

1953 F-100

The original Flathead is still under the curvaceous hood, and it’s been gone through mechanically to ensure it keeps running into the coming decades. Inside, things are all stock but very nice, with what appears to be new nylon stitching everywhere.

So go ahead and try to resist this infinitely charming 1953 F-100.  And when you fail, rest assured that you aren’t alone.

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