Barn Find 1952 Mercury M3 Is a Real Labor of Love

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Ford Mercury M3

Finding a Ford Mercury M3 Isn’t Just Difficult, It’s Darn Near Impossible. But this FTE Forum Member Got the Job Done!

It’s a story that we’re all familiar with. A man finds a truck that has been sitting unloved for quite some time. That man buys the truck and proceeds to slowly rebuild it with a goal in mind. Except, of course, those goals change over time. That’s exactly what happened to Ford Trucks Enthusiasts forum member ghalperin. Except that he didn’t just uncover any old Ford in a barn, he found a 1952 Mercury M3!

Ford Mercury M3

This isn’t this man’s first brush with an old Mercury truck either. This is actually ghalperin’s fourth M3! If you aren’t familiar with these old Mercurys, it’s probably because you don’t exactly see a ton of them on the road. Mainly because they were built and sold in Canada only, due to the American and Canadian tariff agreements that were in place following WWII.

Ford Mercury M3

Ghalperin has been slowly piecing his Mercury together, but plans on retaining the patina and giving it the CLR treatment. In addition, the truck has received a nice stance courtesy of a new front axle, and the removal of leaf springs in the rear. The owner tried some Widowmaker wheels, but settled on a set of 16×6 Ford wheels with the stock hub caps.

Ford Mercury M3

After rebuilding the brakes and shackles, a 3.73 Dana 60 rear from a 1970 F-250 was sourced to replace the stock unit. Ghalperin then refreshed or replaced the gas tank, water pump, carb, fuel pump, master cylinder, plugs, belts, and hoses to get her running right. Future plans include a new exhaust and interior.

With so few of these old Mercs running around, it’s nice to see one of our own members bringing one back to life. We’re excited to see how it progresses from here, because this is already shaping up to be one sweet M3!

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