Fifties F-1 is an Orange Cream Dream Driver

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1951 Ford F-1 Orange PS Front

Bright orange 1951 Ford F-1 maintains a classic look while introducing modern performance.

While flipping through the Ford trucks listed for sale on Classic Cars, we came across this sweet 1951 F-1. The interior and drivetrain have been updated, but the exterior maintains the classic lines of the original F-Series pickup.

The Restomod Build

Antique pickups like the 1951 Ford F-1 are becoming more popular in the show car scene, but with old-school pickups being very short on comfort and performance, many owners go the restomod route. The only downfall to the restomod direction is that in many cases, the project changes the exterior of the truck. Whether it is a slammed stance, big modern wheels or altered body lines, modern performance often comes with a custom look and for people who prefer the original appearance, the modern look is off-putting.

1951 F-1 Bed

Fortunately, whoever built this 1951 Ford F-1 was able to modernize the interior and the drivetrain while preserving the original appearance – right down to the factory ride height.

The Ford in Orange

If you were only able to see exterior pictures of this 1951 Ford F-1, you might believe that it is a super-clean original pickup with a newer, bright orange paint job. The chrome trim, the wheels, the bumpers and all of the exterior panels look like they did when this truck rolled out of the factory. In the close-ups, we can see that the truck isn’t flawless, but we would call it a gorgeous “driver-quality” antique. The chrome is clean, but obviously not new, yet it would still shine at a car show.

1951 F-10 Side

The only exterior feature which obviously didn’t come from the factory is the aluminum tonneau cover with a mirrored underside and a gorgeous, dark-stained wood bed inlay.

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