1950s Ford Sends a Chevy to a Fiery Grave: Freaky-Ford Friday

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Antique Ford tugs the newer Chevy until the Silverado explodes in flames.

This week’s “Freaky-Ford Friday” video comes to us from the Mud Stamp Films YouTube channel and it features a tug-o-war battle between a Ford F-Series pickup from the third generation and a Chevrolet Silverado GMT400. What starts off as a pretty entertaining pull-off video for fans of both brands turns into a nightmare for Chevy lovers, as the Silverado explodes into flames while struggling with the antique Ford.

Fortunately, everyone got out of the Chevrolet without injury, but the odds are good that “Misbehaven” took some time off from competing after this fateful battle.

Ford Tugs Chevy in Flames

The Competitors

The tug-o-war in the video above takes place between a Ford F-Series pickup from the third generation and a Chevrolet C/K pickup from the GMT400 era. Technically, it might not be a Silverado, but in any case, it is a Chevy pickup from somewhere in the 1991-1998 model year range. As for the antique Ford, based on the unique four-eye headlight design with the “Ford” lettering on the hood, we believe that this truck is from 1958 or 1959, but it could also be a 1960 model.

In any case, the odds are good that neither of these trucks have many parts that came from the factory. They clearly both have stronger engines than were offered in stock form and they both sit like monster trucks, so we know that they have significant suspension and chassis work.

Antique Ford Tugs Against Chevy

This antique Ford and 1990’s Chevy are both purpose-built mud machines, but the classic F-Series proves to be far too much for the newer GM truck.

The Battle

The video above shows us two tug-o-war battles between the antique F-Series and the 90’s Chevy. In the first video, each truck takes a turn with the hammer down, but the Ford driver does a better job of picking when to apply the power. As a result, the old F-Series drags the Chevy to the finish line in the first run.

In the second battle, the Chevy driver has the hammer down and the engine screaming as he desperately tries to move the old Ford. After about 25 seconds of the Chevy engine roaring, the truck appears to be smoking more than just the tires and a few seconds later, the Silverado literally explodes.

Ford Pulls Chevy as it Explodes

The crowd cheers as flames pour from the front end of the Chevy, as occupants of the Silverado quickly climb to safety. After a short time, the fire it extinguished, but there appears to be pretty significant damage to the front end of the GMT400 Chevy.

The Chevy might be some 40 years old, but the Ford proved that it is still the tougher truck, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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