1950 Ford F-6 Custom Is a Mad Wheelie Machine

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Restored and modified commercial trucks are especially fascinating to me. Much like us, they spend their entire lives being worked to the bone, with the promise that someday they’ll get to relax through a long retirement.

This truck is a little different from the stuff we usually post, but I definitely think it’s worth sharing. It started its life as a dump truck before ending up as a SEMA show car several decades later. Nicknamed “Stubby Bob,” it was built as a project vehicle for Roadkill magazine, if the beer keg gas tank didn’t tip you off.


This 1950 Ford F-6 is certainly modified, but it definitely hasn’t been restored. Instead, this nearly seventy-year-old truck wears its scars proudly, ditching its dump bed to show off its supercharged big block Chevy engine, generating between 600 and 750 horsepower.


Its newfound rear weight bias, coupled with its short wheelbase, mean that this truck is more than capable of pulling a wheelie on demand. Besides the wildly blown engine and built-up 4L80E automatic transmission, the rest of the suspension and drivetrain remain stock, making this truck more fun than functional. Still, it’s exciting to see something a little different at SEMA, on a show floor dominated by low-slung sports cars and lifted pickups with every surface polished to a mirror finish.

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Story & Photos via: [Equipment World]

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