1950 Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington Ranger Surfaces Online

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Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington

Ford and M-H teamed up to build one of the first full-size SUVs, but this Ranger is one of only 10 left in existence.

Devout Ford fans know all about the name Marmon-Herrington. The American manufacturer enjoyed a long relationship with the Blue Oval, converting trucks into commercial and four-wheel drive vehicles long before Ford did it themselves. Part of that relationship involved building something known as the Ranger, a big “SUV” that was way ahead of its time. Only 57 were produced between 1948 and 1952, making this 1950 Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington Ranger, which we spotted over at Hemmings, a truly rare sight.

If that isn’t rare enough for you, only around 10 of these big gems are known to still exist today. But the Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington Ranger actually started life as something quite common – an F1 panel van with two-wheel drive. But once that ordinary vehicle made its way down to Indianapolis and the M-H team, the magic started. Converting the F1 to four-wheel drive was easy enough, as M-H was already swapping Dana 44 front axles in all manner of F-Series trucks at the time.

Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington Ranger

For a few select customers, M-H took things a bit further. They added four sliding side windows and two rear bench seats. Which essentially converted what was designed to be a cargo hauler into a heavy-duty people mover. There was just one problem, of course. The 239 Flathead V8 only produced 100 hp, making this a very slow people mover.

Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington Ranger

Regardless, the sight of any Ford F1 Marmon-Herrington Ranger is worth celebrating. Only two of the surviving 10 have been restored to date, and one recently sold for a whopping $250,000. This one obviously needs a lot of work to get there, but it seems to be mostly complete. There isn’t too much rust, and things like the missing glass are easily replaced. And besides, when’s the last time you saw one of these gems, anyway?

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