1948 Ford F6 COE: Crusty, Capable, and Undeniably Cool

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It turns out you can make a vintage Ford F6 COE handle and drive as good as it looks.

In the world of classic Ford trucks collectors have left nothing behind. That includes early “Cab Over Engine” models — commonly known as COEs. With all the charming looks and vintage appeal of their smaller brethren, COEs also deliver a load of possibilities. One can turn one into a car hauler, restore it to original, or simply make a flashy show queen. Heck, one can do something altogether different, like this 1948 beauty, which is essentially a rat rod with modern underpinnings.


We spotted the awesome ride on eBay, where it recently failed to hit its reserve price with a high bid of $20,700. Needless to say, we’re crushing on it like that neighbor girl you had a thing for back in middle school. Maybe it’s the fact that we simply love COEs, or maybe its the presence of the original paint and patina. Or, maybe it’s the fact that it doesn’t have a Chevy engine!


Maybe it’s the fact that it probably handles and drives more like a modern car than a nearly 70-year-old work truck. The F6 has been given the ever popular Crown Victoria Police Interceptor drivetrain and chassis swap, which means it’ll move.


In place of an old, tired engine with inadequate levels of power, now you’ve got a 4.6 liter, fuel injected V8. You also get an O/D transmission, power steering, and four-wheel disc brakes. That being said, the current owner left the original spring-loaded seats, because they’re too much fun to throw out.

We honestly can’t think of a truck we’d rather tool around town in than this one. Aside from the timeless style and modern mechanicals, what else can you drive that’s slammed to the ground yet still lets you tower over everyone else on the road?

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