1948 Ford F-1 Project: Bagged and Coyote-Powered

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1948 F1 with a Turbo Ranger

This 1948 Ford F1 work-in-progress is going to be one wicked custom pickup when completed.

While a bagged restomod pickup might not be your ideal 1948 Ford F1 project, this project is almost certainly going to result in a head-turning classic truck when completed. Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum member “breakfree” began chronicling his F1 project back in October of 2016 and since then, he has made solid progress, but there is still lots of work left to do.

The Introduction

When the OP first introduced us to his 1948 Ford F1 project, he offered us a look at the truck in its new-to-him state while explaining why he chose this truck and what he planned to do in order to make this antique pickup stand out in any automotive crowd.

1948 F1 in the Woods

Hey guys, I used to frequent the site years ago when I had my ’96 F150, so I thought I would come back to share this one with you. This truck was my grandfather’s, and it sat in the field at our farm for years up until I was about 12. After that it was traded to a friend of the family, and he started to restore it. He didn’t get far before life got in the way, and it sat at his house for almost 15 years, and despite my relentless attempts to get it back he wouldn’t give it up. Finally in the summer of 2014 he decided he wouldn’t be able to work on the truck again due to some health issues, so he signed it over to me. Unfortunately, him and my grandfather both passed away that year, but not without knowing the truck was finally back on the farm, and with someone who wouldn’t let it go ever again. My grandfather was a very practical man, and the fact he kept this truck around for years after it was useful in the hopes of fixing it up always spoke volumes to me, because somehow this truck must have been different from all the rest that were simply tools to be used and thrown away at their time. But we’re not here for an existential discussion, we’re here for hotrods, so let’s get back to that…

My plans for the truck aren’t exactly practical, but I still want to be able to daily drive it in the summer, cruise to shows near and far, put the boards on the ground when I park, and if I’m lucky still carve a corner. I probably should have started with an all new frame, but I want to keep as much original as possible, and I didn’t have a whole lot left to work with. It’s going to be on a narrowed Crown Vic IFS, a Lincoln MK VIII IRS, and powered by some sort of 351W backed by a TKO600. The exterior is going to look very stock, with only some subtle cosmetic changes to clean it up a little. This is a far bigger project than I’ve ever undertaken before, especially with the body work it’s going to need, but I’m eyeball deep now and this isn’t a project I’m going to give up on. Enough talk, here are some pictures to calm everyone’s ADD.

As you can see, there was a ton of work needed, but the OP had plans that would more or less lead him to replace, repair or modify just about every stock component. Of course, the project began by pulling the 1948 F1 out of the woods, getting it home, straightening the frame rails that were bent when saving it from the forest and beginning the stripping-down process.

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