1948 Ford Bonus Custom Hot Rod a Silver Rocket

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Danny Bisschop 1948 Ford Bonus custom Hot Rod

Unique Ford hot rod build turns classic F-series into silver hammer build with performance and style. 

Danny Bisschop proves that inspiration can come from anywhere, even the most unlikely places. New Zealand-based hot rod builder, coach painter, and auto enthusiast Bisschop got the idea to create this one-of-a-kind hot rod after he cleared out his shed. Starting with a 1948 Ford F-series Bonus, Bisschop decided to go an unconventional route.

Bisschop cleared out the shed, and assessed what he could use for a hot rod. Bisschop used the cab from his 1948 Ford Bonus, a grille from a Nuffield tractor, and the chassis from a 1992 Toyota Hilux. And then he started building, utilizing a number of parts he just happened to have lying around. Of course, his background, and talent as a self-taught panel beater no doubt came in handy. The result is a ute that is not only unique, but road-ready. He told Stuff magazine that once completed the build only needed a tire change to pass inspection and hit the road.

Bisschop, a Ford man, also built and owns a 1952 Ford Twin Spinner Custom.

For this build, he includes some personal touches, which turned out to be a family affair. Bisschop’s wife Lavina found a blanket that was a favorite of his children, and he used that for the interior lining.

“It’s from the 40s,” Bisschop said. “It used to be put on the back seat in vehicles when the kids were eating ice-creams.”

Danny Bisschop 1948 Ford Bonus custom Hot Rod

The hot rod truck not only looks amazing–and does it ever–but it was built to drive. “It runs like a dream,” says Bisschop.

The ute just made its debut at the Hurricane Rodders 50th Anniversary Weekend in New Zealand, and will be hitting more car shows soon.

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