1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Takes You Back to the Woodshop

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Like a fresh unboxing of a pair of sneakers, opening the door into a new automobile cabin typically smells something like a brew of plastic, leather, and carpet. Not in this car. Not in a freshly re-minted 1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Woodie. In a car adorned with wood paneling encasing its exterior body and planks creating a sauna-like environment inside, your nostrils are sweetly met with a scent of sawdust and varnish. That alone could make this wagon enticing to any true car enthusiast.

The nicely rebuilt quality and the time-telling family hauler look make it an automatic “yes” for anybody looking to spend drop $50,000 on a new whiperooni. As Bring a Trailer informatively points out, this is a vehicle that was the second-most expensive Ford at time of launch at $1,500, so it’s a true luxury time capsule.

Now stationed in Ohio, this wagon underwent a frame-up restoration. The light gray respray looks to be well-done, The posting notes that the wood was installed by a specialist shop, which explains why it looks so beautiful. Glass and trim are in good condition, the vinyl roof is new, and the restorer added fog lights and a cop-style spotlight.

The interior has new seat covers and floor mats, and the flat V8 and radiator were rebuilt. Coming with the car, but not yet installed are a heater, windshield wipers, and the rear door exterior door handles. Topping it all off are the thickly white-walled tires. This almost makes me wish I grew up at the same time my grandparents did.

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