1946 Ford Pickup Still Beats the Competition, Even Today

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1946 Ford Pickup

Bill Little lives in a big time General Motors town. But not even his buddies could stop him from buying this old Ford.

Everyone, even those who aren’t necessarily truck nuts like us, already knows that Ford has dominated the sales charts for decades. But back in the ’40s, the pickup truck in general was a fairly new entity. People who weren’t farmers or ranchers were just starting to warm up to the idea of driving something other than a passenger car. And once trucks started looking and driving as good as cars, people like Bill Little started wanting them. Except it took Little decades to score his dream ride – a 1946 Ford pickup.

As the Canadian resident and former hockey player explained to The Star, the truck you see before you is nearly a lifelong labor of love. “The search began in 1985. I decided I wanted a vintage pickup truck and I was insistent on it being a 1946 model, the year I was born.” But the exact brand of 1946 pickup he would choose turned out to be a sticking point. You see, Little played hockey for a spell in Oshawa, and lives there today. And that just so happens to be the home of a massive General Motors manufacturing plant.

1946 Ford Pickup

Thus, Little admits that he faced “extreme pressure” from his friends to purchase a GM truck. Even his personal dealer found a host of “other” brands from that model year. But Little remained steadfast in his desire to own a 1946 pickup that sported an original eight-cylinder engine. Which basically narrowed his choices down to a 1946 Ford pickup, because GM didn’t offer one that particular year.

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