1944 Ford Truck Is One Sweet Post-War Heavy Duty Hauler

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1944 Ford Truck

Back in the early ’40s, buying an old heavy duty Ford truck wasn’t so easy. But today, it’s as simple as a few clicks.

It’s hard to imagine today. But there was a time in American history when buying a new truck wasn’t that simple. When World War II rolled around, automotive manufacturers put consumer sales on the back burner and focused on helping America and its efforts abroad. Thus, it wasn’t until things were winding down in late 1944 that the War Production Board authorized Ford to resume production on its heavy duty trucks. Meaning that classic Ford truck haulers like this ’44 model we spotted in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace are a relatively rare sight today.

And even once production resumed, customers had to prove that their business was vital to the war effort to buy a Ford truck like this one. Today, thankfully, it isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is head over to the Marketplace to score a vintage heavy duty hauler. This particular Ford truck was originally owned by Continental Airlines and used in Denver. Today, it’s a cool project for anyone looking use it commercially or just as a unique cruiser.

1944 Ford Truck

That was originally the plan for the current owner, but work unfortunately got in the way. Thus, he’s looking to sell his old Ford truck and let someone else live out that dream. The old pickup still sports the original Flathead V8 under the hood, but doesn’t run at the moment. The current owner has swapped the electrical system over to a 12-volt, which is believed to be the culprit. If so, it won’t take much to get her going again.

Fresh tires, a new bench seat, and new front drum brakes make the package even more enticing. As if you needed another reason to buy this cool old Ford truck. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to come up with some ways to convince our significant others that we need it for ourselves!


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