1941 Ford Truck Restoration Is a 4-Year Labor of Love

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Fully Restored 1941 Ford Truck 1

Benny Miranda turned an $800 junker into a fully restored truck with modern bells and whistles.

Sometimes inspiration just hits you. Without rhyme or reason, you see something and your imagination and creativity take over. That’s what happened when Benny Miranda drove past a beat up 1941 Ford truck sitting in the middle of nowhere in California, and he knew he had to have it. USA Today caught up with the Ford truck enthusiast, and discussed the ins and outs of his beautifully restored Ford.

After spying the truck, he hurried and paid $800 for it. He was eager to get started, but knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Benny teamed up with his brother and they got to work. “It was hard, but it was fun,” he said of the four-year project.

Instead of taking the truck, and restoring it to it’s normal look with original parts, Benny decided to make this ’41 Ford into something entirely new. After deciding to keep the cab in its original shape, he put it on top of a 1987 chassis. He then put in a 454-cubic-inch V8 engine behind the cab, instead of underneath the driver’s side. Benny finished the truck off with some modern luxuries not seen in the early-40s, including power steering and braking.

Fully Restored 1941 Ford Truck 2

Benny wasn’t interested in adding something most modern drivers require, an updated A/C system. Instead, he fully restored the original A/C, which he says works beautifully. To finish it all off, he restored the interior, which looks as beautiful as the day it was made.

All in all, Benny Miranda spent about $22,000 on the project, but when you see the finished results you might have guessed it was twice that — at least.

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