1941 Ford Delivery Truck for Sale: Bring Your Chainsaw!

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1941 Ford

There are barn and woods finds, and then there’s this very much stuck 1941 Ford. And its cool history makes saving it worth the effort.

We love a good barn/woods find around here as much as anybody. But this 1941 Ford delivery truck we recently spotted on eBay is not your average “bring a trailer” kind of find. Rather, it’s more like “bring a chainsaw,” because this thing is quite literally stuck in the midst of some serious foliage. In all fairness, the seller says they will “extract it from the tree,” but that otherwise, “you are on your own here.”

If you’re willing to do the work, however, you’ll score one seriously cool truck with a fascinating history. The seller claims it was originally used by the Railway Express Agency. The extinct package delivery company created by the U.S. government to move parcels, money, and goods. Via railroad, of course. Despite enjoying near-monopoly status for many years, it folded back in 1975.

1941 Ford

During this 1941 Ford delivery truck’s time, the Railway Express Agency relied exclusively on rail transport. Thus, this particular truck was probably used to haul cargo to and from the rail yard. And it was mostly likely used near its current resting place of Florence, Massachusetts. Given the heavily traveled routes between Boston and New York at that time.

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