1941 Ford COE Is 10 Wheels of Vintage Haulin’ Glory

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1941 Ford COE

Ford COE pickups are quickly becoming popular hot rod haulers. But you don’t see ones like this every day!

We’re no strangers to Ford COE pickups around these parts. But most of what you typically see are the standard ’50s models, which are incredibly popular thanks to their iconic styling. But we’re just as fond of the older stuff like this amazing 1941 Ford COE that popped up recently on Craigslist. And we’d obviously love to see this thing built up into a mild hot rod hauler that would immediately stand out from the ever-growing cab-over crowd.

COEs are becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re incredibly cool and share quite a few parts with their lighter brethren, so they’re also generally easy to work on. They’re also larger than life and more than capable of standing out in a sea of cookie cutter customs. And this ’41 Ford COE “barn find” seems like a great candidate for that kind of treatment. It’s pretty much intact and in decent shape for something that’s been sitting outside for decades.

1941 Ford COE

Bed options are wide open, whether you prefer something like a normal box or a flatbed. Personally, we’d break out the saw and fashion a cool stake bed for this thing. And since early COEs are slow as molasses, we’d also remove that original drivetrain and go with a more modern V8 to make it more driveable on today’s roads. But then again, using this old truck as a parade float wouldn’t require an upgrade.

1941 Ford COE

The possibilities, of course, are virtually endless. Rat rod, hot rod, or stock resto job, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that this old Ford COE gets back on the road, and pronto. And that’s exactly what we’re hoping to see in the near future!

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