1940 Ford Pickup is What Simple American Dreams are Made Of

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1940 Ford Pickup

If you’re the kind of person to look at cornfields wistfully, we’ve found the truck for you.

Ford has produced many iconic truck designs throughout its history. One of them, the 1937 design, deserves special attention. It’s a classic piece of Americana, and restored examples like this one seem to be pulled straight out of an agricultural painting.

This truck, offered for sale at RM Sotheby’s upcoming Dingman Collection sale, is a 1940, the last year of the 1937 design. It seems appropriate that the owner of this particular truck had the words “The Farm” painted on the doors in proud, beige-gold lettering.

1940 Ford Pickup

We can almost picture the backdrop of a red barn, some pink pigs in crates in the bed, a hunting dog in the passenger seat, and chickens milling about in the foreground, pecking and scratching at the ground for worms.

1940 Ford Pickup

Owning a restored classic Ford pickup truck like this is akin to owning shares in a fantasy. Every trip is an adventure. Dropping off some cardboard at the recycling bin in the church parking lot? Maybe stop at Tractor Supply on the way back for some lawn fertilizer and chicken feed — even if you don’t own any chickens.

Some may dream of a luxury car with the latest amenities or a low slung, classic sports car, loud and fast. For others, something like this 1940 Ford pickup is the mountaintop.

1940 Ford Pickup

This truck is just a basic, honest work truck, with no more or less than the average working man needed back in 1940. In this day and age, its beauty lies in that simplicity. Of course, the naturally beautiful fenders, grille, and headlights of the 1937 to 1940 Fords help, too.

With World War II halting production less than two years after this truck was produced, it’s fair to assume that these trucks saw more use than most, as they simply had to stay in service and couldn’t be as easily replaced. As we stare wistfully out of the window of our cubicle farm, we’re thankful that someone has made the effort to preserve this one.

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