Rule Your Hood in a 1937 Ford-Powered Yellowstone Park Tour Bus

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Boasting room for 12 passengers, this charming convertible traversed all 142 miles of roads within the two-million-acre Yellowstone National Park.

Who says yellow buses are for school kids only? If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an intriguing piece of Americana, this vintage Yellowstone National Park tour bus should fit the bill. Even better, it’s powered by a tried-and-true Ford engine!


Yellowstone National Park expands over two-million acres across the states of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Since its grand opening in 1872, more than 142 miles of roads have been paved in order to offer visitors, park officials, and conservationist the necessary routes to the park’s most popular areas. When the privately owned Yellowstone Park Transportation Company kicked-off sightseeing tours in 1936, they opted for these charming little buses by the White Model company from Cleveland, Ohio.

This particular example is a 1937 model, and it’s one of the 98 units that were delivered to the company between 1936 and 1938. Measuring nearly 16 feet in length, the yellow bus boasts room for 11 passengers plus one driver and a spacious trunk. Perhaps its coolest characteristic is the enormous canvas roof, which can be completely removed for open-air sightseeing.

Under the hood lays a 300-cubic inch Ford inline-six engine, which although not confirmed, we believe should produce around 150 horsepower. The suspension was originally tweaked to offer a softer ride, while keeping in mind these buses often encountered harsh road conditions due to rapidly changing weather. Lastly, a 12-volt electrical and brake system from a 1995 Ford F-450 was recently installed for the sake of reliability.


If after reading this you’re jumping around like a kid in a candy factory, we don’t blame you. This is about as unique and cute as they get. If you happen to have a sizable just-in-case-I-come-across-a-cool-bus fund, you’ll be happy know this beauty is headed to auction soon and without a reserve.

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