This 1935 Ford Truck is Amazing

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Take notes, everyone, because this is how you build a hot rod. Stuart Roch owns this incredible machine, and he stuck to the era of the truck. He started with a 1935 Ford and then proceeded to give it the requisite chop and channel. From there he stuffed a 49 Oldsmobile Rocket engine under the hood. It may only make 170 horsepower, but it makes a great noise, and it fits with the time frame of the car.

The entire goal was to make it feel and look like a truck that would have been raced back in the 1950s, and I think he succeeded. He is quick to point out that the truck is not fast compared to today’s standards, but if that is what you were hoping for, I think you are missing the point. This is one part custom dream-machine, one part history lesson, and one part amazing.


You can check out the full video that USA Today did about the truck below. It may only be a few minutes long, but you get a good luck at this creation, the man that owns it, and you get to hear the nice snappy burble of that engine. It’s worthy of your time.

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