1934 Ford Pickup Is One Truly Unique Hauler

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1934 Ford Pickup

Vintage, mud tire equipped Ford flat bed doesn’t come with any frills. But it will deal out plenty of smiles!

Old school, hot rod haulers are nothing new. There’s a certain appeal to these classy trucks, despite their inherent lack of modern power and technology. What they lack in those areas they more than make up for in the style department, however, an area that modern haulers can’t even come close to matching. But while we’ve come across plenty of vintage heavy duty trucks from the ’40s and ’50s, we rarely see any from the ’30s. Which makes this unique 1934 Ford pickup even more special.

1934 Ford Pickup

We stumbled across the interesting build while perusing The Collector Car Network, where it stands out from thousands of other rides with ease. Aside from what it is, we’re digging on the unique custom touches this vintage Ford carries around. Namely the choice of large mud tires and semi-gloss black paint. Those two simple elements give the classy 1934 Ford pickup a more sinister look. A far cry from the charming ’30s hot rods we’re used to seeing, that’s for sure.

1934 Ford Pickup

But make no mistake, this old flat bed is equipped to live up to that image, too. The frame and bed are custom built to haul heavy loads. Part-time four-wheel drive gets you out of any sticky situations. And in case you need to be heard, there are also a whopping dozen air-compressor powered train horns on board. As if the truck itself won’t garner enough attention on its own!

1934 Ford Pickup

The inside of this all-business 1934 Ford pickup is likewise devoid of frills. Plant your rear on a flat bench seat and grab the aftermarket wheel with one hand and the manual shifter with the other. Pretty much the only “luxury” option here is a set of seat belts. But we’d imagine that despite the lack of amenities, this old hauler deals out endless smiles. And that’s what truly matters!

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