Delectable Art Deco 1932 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster Streetrod

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Whether to build a your own dream hot rod or find a ready-built beast like this exquisite 1932 Ford Hiboy Roadster Street Rod has always been a challenge. Thrill seekers like us who live in these forums and buff blogs have enough talent to dream, plan and build one of these masterful American machines though not all of us have time, space and headspace to complete one. Certains spans in your life you’ll have all the right makings for a home-build to craft your vision of the perfect street rod but until then don’t just settle on any machine. Have the joy of being patient to know when to pounce for the right rod like this one selling through Vicari Auctions in Nocona, Texas next Spring 2017.

If one were in the market for a Model A Hiboy Roadster I would suggest this one right here. The entire package says it was built to drive and drive daily. The powertrain whispers sweet nothings to hungry horsepower monsters. Spitting hot smoke from a 350 cubic inch Ford V8 engine is rowed down the road with a four-speed manual and ready to stop with the quickness using power disc brakes.

The fender-less Brookville Hiboy body is fitting for the powertrain specs accentuating its athletic spirit. The fully-louvered hood looks fantastic along with the removed side hood-paneling looks so athletic! This is sexy profile we’ve all seen in the past but never in this color combo of the exterior, roadster soft top and interior with those mods. The deep silver exterior paint, black soft top and light tan interior with chrome bits sprinkled throughout offer an art deco flavor of industrial art beautifully executed in this build. Start planning your drive back home from Texas for next Spring or the cheapest shipping method. Happy Bidding!

Via[Vicari Auctions]

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