1931 Model A Hearse Is a Dead-on, Hand-carved Masterpiece

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1931 Model A Hearse

We can’t decided if this amazing Model A Hearse is better suited for a museum or a cool side business.

When you think of the typical Hearse, a giant Cadillac probably comes to mind. And rightfully so, as that’s exactly the type of vehicle we’ve come to expect funeral homes to use when transporting the deceased. But when it’s our time to go, we’d much rather take our final ride in something a little more, shall we say, classic. Something like this gorgeous, hand-crafted 1931 Model A Hearse currently listed on eBay.

If nothing else, this vintage Ford has enough style to last an eternity. Heck, it’s something you might expect The Munsters to roll up in. Or maybe something to tool around in on Halloween, turning heads wherever you go. Because one thing’s for sure: You won’t find a single imperfection on this black beauty. Trust us, we tried. And failed.

1931 Model A Hearse

Black paint is notorious for its ability to expose any flaw in bodywork, but there are certainly none here. The body and paint work here is quite simply perfect, which justifies the rather lofty asking price of just under $50k. Then there’s all that carved woodwork that’s been added that really takes the presentation of this Hearse to the next level.

1931 Model A Hearse

Silver detailing really makes those little touches stand out, and it’s all beautifully executed. Thus, this isn’t your average hot rod Hearse. This thing is a work of art worthy of museum status. And as you might expect, the interior and engine bay are every bit as tidy as that unique exterior.

1931 Model A Hearse

No word on the payload capacity of this cool old Model A Hearse, other than the claim that it’s “sturdy.” Personally, we bet it’s more than capable of hauling around plenty of dead weight (get it?). All silly jokes aside, somebody needs to buy this thing. Just imagine the money you could make using it as a cool alternative to the typical boring funeral procession service?

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