Total Nirvana: 1931 Ford Model A Woody Is a ’90s Relic

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1931 Ford Model A

This classic 1931 Ford has plenty of additions to hate on (and laugh at). But is also has plenty of potential!

Remember the ’90s? When grunge rock, huge jeans, and TV sitcoms ruled the world? Well, we certainly do, and we also remember the interesting trends that grabbed ahold of the street rod scene back then. Namely, retina-burning paint jobs and the act of cramming as much billet aluminum in and on cars as humanly possible. But just as quick as those trends came along, they were gone like two-liters of Surge. Except, there are still some cars like this 1931 Ford Model A, which we spotted at The Collector Car Network, that refuse to give them up. Kind of like how your dad refuses to give up those all-white sneakers.

1931 Ford Model A

This vintage Ford checks all the boxes, minus maybe a set of crazy billet aluminum wheels. Otherwise, it’s got bright Turquoise paint, gray cloth buckets ripped out of a newer car, and enough billet accents to blot out the sun. Heck, it even has numerous skulls scattered inside and out, in case you still carry around your wallet on a giant chain.

1931 Ford Model A

The weirdness doesn’t stop there. The “custom” gauge cluster and console were fashioned out of wood on somebody’s band saw. And it appears that the tach is attached to the steering column with a hose clamp. The giant skull shift knob almost makes you ignore the “high-end” stereo system, complete with Bosonic receiver. Which, by the way, is mounted in a custom panel with cheap, exposed screws hanging out.

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