Would You Pay $123,000 for a ‘Used’ Ford F-450 Dually?

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Wild Ford truck is for the discerned rancher, the trendy cowboy, or the wannabe country music artist.

Let’s say that for one reason or another you’re given $123,000 out of the blue. Now you buy whatever your heart desires, or at least most of it. You could buy a beautiful sports car, or build a home in the country. Hell, you could even start your own business! Or, you could head to Autotrader and be tempted to spend it all on this truck that we recently spotted on the website.

This listing is for a used 2017 Ford F-450 dually, and the asking price is currently a cool $122, 983. You read that right — and despite what your brain might be trying to tell you, that’s not for two trucks, just one. But boy, it’s a doozy! The truck in question is not your typical F-450, it’s a King Ranch trim with all the bells and whistles, and then some. Typically, this model would start at just under $73,000 before a single aftermarket goodie is installed.

Custom airlift built by Kelderman, 22-inch American Force wheels, Toyo Open Country MT tires, Fox 2.0 shocks and steering stabilizer, custom bumpers with built-in LEDs, and a custom paint job are just a few items listed on the build sheet. Altogether, these extras take the $73,000 King Ranch and turn it into the $123,000-F-450 you see today.

Now, you might think the previous owner used and abused this monster of a truck, otherwise why would you add these ridiculous parts? Well, if you look at the mileage on this truck, it’s clear the owner hardly touched it, or maybe he didn’t have any money left for fuel. With just 111 miles on the odometer, this F-450 is literally brand-new.

With any luck, the person who buys this truck (there will be someone with $130,000 burning a hole in their pocket) will use it to its full potential. The purpose of owning a truck is to use it and do the things fancy sports cars can’t. So, we urge the new owner to take those tires out on the trails, test that suspension and deploy that winch! But whatever you do, don’t leave it in the garage (if it were to fit)

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