1000hp Ford Lightning Attacks the Quarter Mile

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Marcus Slater

I love mudding and hauling heavy things as much as the next guy, but my heart definitely lies at the drag strip. There are few things as satisfying as watching an incredibly fast truck embarrass cars that are supposed to be “fast”. A lot of the time, trucks are sleepers. This is not one of those times.

In the same way that a Raptor cannot be a sleeper, neither can the lightning. I’m pretty sure the rolled out of the factory directly onto the drag strip before they went to the dealerships. It’s been a while since Ford has built a truck like this, so every time you see one, you should expect it to be a little bit quicker than stock.

Now, this truck is great example. To the casual observer, it’s no different than a regular lightning. A person who knows nothing about cars probably won’t think anything of it until they ask about the weird bars in the back. Still, those bars don’t give away the fact that it it makes over 1000hp. They also don’t give away how fast it is.

Spoiler alert: It’s really fast.

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