10 Ways to Reduce Your Ford Explorer’s Insurance Costs

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If you own a Ford Explorer,
you already know that it can cost a fortune to insure an SUV. But just
because you drive a large vehicle doesn’t mean you should overpay for
car insurance. Insure your Explorer for less by following these 10 tips.

1. Shop Around, Save Money

Shopping around is a great way to reduce your Explorer’s premium.
According to an independent study, drivers who compare rates and switch
carriers at InsWeb.com save an average of $301* on a six month policy.
And not all companies offer the best rates to SUV owners, so compare
quotes and see how much you can save.

2. Multi-Line Insurance Discounts

Insuring your Explorer and home with a single insurance company could save you up to 15 percent on both premiums.

3. Raise Your Deductible

The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. In fact, raising
your deductible from $250 to $1,000 can save between 25 and 40 percent
on the comprehensive and collision portion of your premium.

4. Don’t Overpay for a Ticket or Accident

If you’ve taken your Explorer a bit too fast and got nailed for a
ticket or accident, you don’t have to be a prisoner to your car
insurance company. Shopping around for quotes with InsWeb.com could
help you find a more reasonable rate with another insurance company.

5. Skip Monthly Installments

Administrative fees are applied to payments when you split your premium
into installments (i.e. monthly, semi-annual, annual). These fees may
seem negligible, but they add up over the long run””even $7 a month will
cost you $84 over the course of a year.

6. Good Driver Discounts

Most companies offer discounts to…(Continue reading 10 Ways to Reduce Your Ford Explorer’s Insurance Costs)

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