10 of the Rustiest and Most Rad Ford Trucks on Reddit

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Who says Ford trucks need perfect bodywork and shiny paint to be cool?

For decades, many people in the auto enthusiast hobby turned their noses up at anything less than perfect. We’re talking 100-point restorations and vehicles hermetically sealed since new. Even the slightest imperfection would cause a lot of folks to turn their noses up. But now, thankfully, the world is beginning to truly appreciate a little wear and tear. Especially when it comes to Ford trucks.

These days, a little surface rust or faded paint is simply called patina, and there are a lot of people who actually sand and/or paint their trucks to look like they have it. Rat rods rule the earth these days, as do old Ford trucks with mechanical restorations yet original body panels.

Personally, we see nothing wrong with this. In fact, we love to see an old Ford truck that’s been used in the manner in which it was designed to be used. That’s why we rounded up these ten killer pickups from Reddit for your personal enjoyment!

Ford Trucks

Rat Rodded ’78

We get that most folks prefer their ’70s Ford trucks to sit at normal (or lifted) height. But we also think these things look great hunkered down on an aggressive set of meats. The look certainly works well on Camford150‘s ’78, a truck that proudly wears multiple shades of primer just because it can.

Ford Trucks

Perfect Project ’67

SGTGunner47 admits that his ’67 is a project, but he doesn’t exactly plan on removing that killer exterior finish that nature has made. Instead, he plans on simply fixing a couple rust holes and clear coating the whole thing. And we’re guessing he’ll also add some air to those tires, eventually.

Ford Trucks

Heavily Patina’d ’68

Speaking of Bumpside Ford trucks with patina, how about chas31av‘s beauty? It also sounds like he plans on retaining this truck’s weathered looks, but he’s also planning on installing an IFS, too.

Ford Trucks

One Fine ’79

Dieseldummie01 certainly knows what he has in this solid old 1979 F-100. “This is how the truck was when I got it. I love how the paint looks.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re glad he’s leaving it as is.

Ford Trucks

Dirty Diesel

It’s kind of hard to tell if ZacharyH2912‘s Power Stroked Ford has any rust or patina. Mostly because he pretty much keeps it caked in mud. But who can blame him when getting dirty is so much darn fun?

Ford Trucks

Trail Wanderer

Speaking of Power Strokes that don’t mind getting dirty, we present to you ZacharyH2912‘s F-250. But then again, this truck proudly wears its battle scars, dents and all, amidst some pretty gorgeous scenery.

Ford Trucks

My Boy Blue

MladjoZ‘s ’73 F-100, which he loving calls “Ol’ Blue,” certainly won’t win any car show awards. But we’re digging the faded blue paint and obvious wear. And we wouldn’t change a thing about the way it looks.

Ford Trucks

Gift of Patina

This crusty rig belongs to ayyitsjinx, who was lucky enough to get it as a Christmas present. Despite the exterior appearance, it only has 93k original miles. So you can bet it’ll be one heck of a nice project!

Ford Trucks

Soon to be Daily

PlayinKoi plans on making this killer ’83 F-250 his daily driver, and why not? The completely original pickup looks great, for starters. And with a little mechanical work, it’ll probably run for many more years to come.

Ford Trucks

Big Time Hauler

This old Ford F6 now wears surface rust as its primary paint color. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. From the looks of things, mediumbugger merely spotted it in a field. But if he hasn’t already bought it, we’d be awful tempted!

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