10 Coolest Ford Trucks From the 2017 Overland Expo West

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If your idea of off-roading involves bringing your entire house with you, the Overland Expo is a place you oughta check out!

Overlanding isn’t exactly new term, but it sure has gained popularity in recent years. In case you’re not aware, Overlanding means to engage in a primarily self-dependent extended excursion over a variety of terrain. It’s sort of like off-roading, but with a purpose, such as camping, exploring, etc.

Initially, overlanding was reserved for the likes of Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Land Cruisers and SUVs of the sort. Nowadays, if you can attach a roof rack, a tent, or in some cases, an entire house in the back of a pickup truck, you’re an overland enthusiasts!

As a result, some companies and individuals have begun outfitting Ford trucks to be overland masters, and maybe even bring some heat to seasoned veterans. In 2009 the Overland Expo was established, and there are currently two major events held yearly which bring over 4,000 enthusiasts, 600 contest participants, and over a hundred exhibitors including vehicle manufacturers, outfitters, and part suppliers together.

One of the most prominent Ford truck outfitters is EarthRoamer, whose presence has steadily grown in recent years., and so have their amazing creations!

Both yearly events, the Overland Expo East and West have already taken place in 2017, but make sure to check out OverlandExpo.com for future meets.

Enjoy the shots!

Rock crusher. #overlandexpo #earthroamer

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Take our money!

Raptor overlanding.

Now that looks like a good time.

It doesn’t get any cooler than an overland Ford E-Series!

Another one.

Holy smokes!

Crawl, baby, crawl!

Overlanding is for trucks and vans of all sizes.

An overland ambulance?


California Dreamin' 📷 @luke_lefiell

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This Ford-powered Marmon-Herrington is perfect.

Super Duty ready to rumble.

Is that a Ford van upfront? Ha!

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