10 Cool Hidden Ford F-150 Features that May Surprise You

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Chances are, there’s at least one cool F-150 feature in this new Town and Country TV video that you didn’t know about.

By now, you’re probably intimately familiar with most of the common features found in the latest iteration of the Ford F-150. Things like driving modes, the new 10-speed transmission, and even the advanced trailer assist functionality. But as we found out in this video from Town and Country TV, there are a few nifty “hidden” features of the F-150 that even we didn’t know about. And many of them could come in handy at some point down the road.

The first is a hidden slot for the key fob, located beneath the front cup holder in the center console. If you find yourself with a dead fob and need to drive somewhere, you can start the truck by placing the fob in this slot. Next, our host shows us how to retrieve the factory key code for the door panel if you forget it or need to change it. We also learn how to adjust the volume of the navigation prompts, which is rather simple. All you have to do is adjust the volume knob while the prompt is talking. Simple, but something that surprisingly few people actually know about!

Ford F-150 Hidden Features

Some of the other tips are quite useful, too. We weren’t aware that you can use the radio without having the key on your person. And those who’ve own a previous-gen F-150 will be happy to know that there is in fact a jack. It’s just under the small jumper seat in the back – not the flip up part, where it used to be.

Ford F-150 Hidden Features

Other handy tips include how to program your seat memory to your key fob. There are even a pair of motion sensors up by the sunroof to help prevent prying hands from reaching inside your F-150. Chances are, there’s at least one tip here that you didn’t know about. All of which makes this video a pretty cool and handy reference for any F-150 owner!

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