There Are Over 1 Billion Potential F-150 Configuration Options

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F-150 XL-1

Fans of the Ford F-Series have it made. Some manufacturers build their vehicles bundled with option packages, and limit what you can choose as the buyer. But Ford lets you, if you want to, to completely order a custom build just for yourself. Sure, there are still option packages but you have a huge amount of flexibility in what you get. How much? How about over 1 billion potential configuration options?


Our friends over at Consumer Guide Automotive did some of the math for us, because we¬†don’t like doing math. Just at the XL trim level alone, there are over 25 million possible build permutations. That’s before you even start factoring in different stand alone option packages. As you know, Ford does offer a considerable amount of those as well.

While they admit it’s difficult to figure out, to the exact number, how many different overall build permutations of the F-150 are available, the number easily exceeds 1 billion. If you’re in the market for a F-150, the odds are in your favor that it’ll be unique.

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via [Consumer Guide Automotive]

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