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Re: Intro and questions


From: Kyle Porter <>
Subject: Re: Intro and questions
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 05:39:54 -0600

Let me know if you find out anything on the fact that my 1997 250 hd 4x4
Powerstoke has a hard time starting if not pluged in in temp. around 40


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From: Liz Marr []
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2001 5:00 PM
Subject: [superduty-list] Intro and questions

I have a F250HD with the 1.7 Power Stroke and 5-speed.  Truck is 1997
2x that I use for light delivery service (up to 1K on the bed or 5+K on a
trailer)  I love this truck!  It doesn't even start to compare to the F150
300/6 I had before.  Normal fuel consumption is 20-25 MPG on hwy (if I
keep it under 2200 RPM)  Plenty of power - doesn't even slow down on
the hills, even with a load.

Since I bought it used with just under 60K miles, I expected some
problems, so that is my question.  It has two problems.  One is shifting,
other starting.  It is good that I learned shifting on military trucks that
always have much for a clutch, as this truck seems to have a clutch that
needs adjusting.  No, it isn't slipping (yet) but it won't go in gear and
creep forward (or backward) if I sit on a level surface with it in low gear
and the clutch pushed in. Because it is impossible to shift into low once
truck is stopped, I shift it down as the compression alows, and then when I
am stopped I leave it in gear. Since I was trained that if I'm not using the

gear, take it out of gear, this is driving me mad.  I normally have it out
gear at traffic stops or any other time when not moving.  It has been
suggested that I rebuild one or both of the clutch cylinders - this makes
sense because if I pump the clutch, I can sometimes get it to shift down.
has never slipped or smelled like burning friction material, so I think that
clutch itself is fine.  As an added note, there is sometimes a "pop" or
"crunch" sound that seems to come from the clutch pedal itself when I push
it, making me think that something is slipping in the mechanics of the
process (also fits in with bad/worn cylinder idea)  Up-shifting is also

The other problem seems simple enough - it won't start when cold.  Leave
it plugged in and it starts right up, but it takes multiple attempts to
ignite if it
hasn't been plugged in.  I'm talking 40 degrees here - not anywhere near
freezing.  I can get it to start quicker if I turn it over while the warm-up
is still on - but I don't think this is good for the glow plugs.

Thanks for listening.  I really love this truck and want to get it working
better and maintain it for as long as the engine will go (I've been told
they get to 300K pretty easily)

Liz Marr

Liz Marr
Owner, Canine Connection


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