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superduty-list Digest Mon, 30 Oct 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 047

In This Issue:
Re: F-250SD rear springs and an Excursion
Sorry to have to do it this way.........


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 18:59:50 EST
Subject: Re: F-250SD rear springs and an Excursion

Dave and Bill,

Unless you are hauling loads every day, unlike most of us, you don't need to
inflate your tires anywhere near the Ford recommended pressures.

I weighed my truck's front and rear axle weights separately and then used the
Tire and Rim Association recommended pressures for the tires on each axle.
Actually, I went to the next higher pressure on the tables just for a little
insurance.  For my truck that comes to 40 psi front and 35 psi rear.  At
those pressures my truck rides pretty well.... not like my Taurus, but
decidedly better than with the Ford recommended pressure.

When I hook up to the fiver, it's another story.  I then inflate to the
maximum sidewall recommended pressure.  My next outing I'm going to weigh the
trucks axles again with the fiver in tow and the fiver axles also.  Then I'll
adjust the pressures on all my tires to meet my exact needs.




Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:33:25 -0800
Subject: Re: F-250 SD rear springs and an Excursion
From: Dave Santo <>

On this date and at this time (10/30/00 3:32 PM), Bill Baker has managed to
string together a selection of syllables into the text (quoted) below!

> I have exactly this truck, and exactly the same interest in softening
> the unloaded ride.  I trashed my back playing rugby, and when my SD
> starts washboard boppin' on the lovely Caltrans expansion seams, I
> start to regret buying a 4WD SD.
> I'm damned sorry to hear the Velvet-Ride shackles and Edelbrocks
> didn't improve the ride, 'cause that was what I was going to try.

The Velvet-Rides did nothing, which seems incredible, because the principle
and the design suggest quite the opposite, but, the IAS's improved the
harshness of the bounce, but NOT the bouncy-ness.

> I've looked at *all* the suspension upgrade options and, really,
> you're only option beyond new shocks and shackles dampeners is an air
> suspension.  Most of the aftermarket air suspensions are just helper
> systems that supplement the leaf springs, which won't help the
> unloaded ride.  You need to go with a ladder bar-type replacement
> system to get the full cushioning of air bags.  Most of the ladder
> bars I saw in the truck magazines looked damned flimsy to me.  The
> exception is the Fleet Ride system
> (  Their suspension arm
> looks to be a heavy-duty cast or forged piece (I'm only going by pics
> on their web page).  The complete system (arms, hardware, bags,
> self-leveling air system, etc.) looks really slick, but it's damned
> expensive.  $2,500 for the rear axle alone.  It seems to be designed
> and priced for fleet service.

Thanks for this tip. I'm looking into this now.

> The other option is the Kelderman helper system
> (  It replaces the rear leaf
> shackles with a combination air bag/shackle bracket, so that the bag
> is cushions the leaf spring/truck frame interface, so to speak.  And
> it's much cheaper.  If I'm reading their price list correctly a
> complete, self-leveling system for both axles would be about $2,000.

Just the rear figures out to $1,328. However, upon closer inspection of the
"side view" picture leaves, at least to me, a lot to be desired. Looks like
TOO MANY welds. First impression = Fleet as opposed to Kelderman. I don't
necessarily care about the $$$. I just won't eat for the next year :-) Will
let you know more. But, still, what about the Excursion springs???

And... JDavis1277 or Butch, I lowered the pressure from 45 to 40 all-around
already. I guess tomorrow I'll lower the rears to 35, just to see. Thanks.

Dave Santo


From: "DelGrosso" <>
Subject: Sorry to have to do it this way.........
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 07:39:06 -0500

HI there

I have tried several times to remove myself from th list with all the ways
they tell you to and I still cannot get removed.....  Could this please be
taken care of

Don't hurry through life
Take time to enjoy it!


Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 22:46:40 -0800
Subject: 4x4 game for Macintosh computers
From: Dave Santo <>

Here's a URL I found, actually stumbled across, for a 4x4 computer game.
It's a BIG download though. Took me 9 minutes via cable modem. Specs show
1 hour and 39 minutes 56k. Page shows 21meg, but, it's actually 34.9meg.
I don't think they compressed it. MY download wasn't compressed.

If I play it and I don't find any SuperDuties or other Fords, I might just
have to delete the game from my hard drive.
Dave Santo


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