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superduty-list Digest Mon, 30 Oct 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 046

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Re: F-250 SD rear springs and an Excursion


Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 15:32:45 -0800
From: Bill Baker <>
Subject: Re: F-250 SD rear springs and an Excursion

>From: Dave Santo <>
>Does anyone out there know if I can REPLACE my rear springs on my 2000 F-250
>SD/SC 4x4 Long Bed with rear springs from an Excursion? And, if I can, would
>there be any difference in the ride ("softer" I hope)?

I have exactly this truck, and exactly the same interest in softening
the unloaded ride.  I trashed my back playing rugby, and when my SD
starts washboard boppin' on the lovely Caltrans expansion seams, I
start to regret buying a 4WD SD.

I'm damned sorry to hear the Velvet-Ride shackles and Edelbrocks
didn't improve the ride, 'cause that was what I was going to try.
I've looked at *all* the suspension upgrade options and, really,
you're only option beyond new shocks and shackles dampeners is an air
suspension.  Most of the aftermarket air suspensions are just helper
systems that supplement the leaf springs, which won't help the
unloaded ride.  You need to go with a ladder bar-type replacement
system to get the full cushioning of air bags.  Most of the ladder
bars I saw in the truck magazines looked damned flimsy to me.  The
exception is the Fleet Ride system
(  Their suspension arm
looks to be a heavy-duty cast or forged piece (I'm only going by pics
on their web page).  The complete system (arms, hardware, bags,
self-leveling air system, etc.) looks really slick, but it's damned
expensive.  $2,500 for the rear axle alone.  It seems to be designed
and priced for fleet service.

The other option is the Kelderman helper system
(  It replaces the rear leaf
shackles with a combination air bag/shackle bracket, so that the bag
is cushions the leaf spring/truck frame interface, so to speak.  And
it's much cheaper.  If I'm reading their price list correctly a
complete, self-leveling system for both axles would be about $2,000.


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