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superduty-list Digest Tue, 22 Aug 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 015

In This Issue:
Moving Seat in '99 SuperDuty...
control on highway


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:38:29 -0500
From: "Bob Wickline" <>
Subject: Moving Seat in '99 SuperDuty...

Has anyone tried or succeeded in moving the seat back in a '99
SuperDuty?  I'm a little tall and the seat in my '99 F350 doesn't quite
move back far enough.  It's the seat with fold-up console without power.

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From: "DelGrosso" <>
Subject: control on highway
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:03:09 -0400

Hi everyone

I drive a 2000 F-250 CC 4x4 PSD

I drove a 99 for about 2 years and then went ahead to a 2000.  Lots of
difference with this one.  Is it just me or is there a lot of differences
with the newer model - some differences are better some are not!

Examples - Pivot is better on this truck - that is a good thing!
                   Looser steering and brake - control in general is
looser - still not sure if this is better or worse - seems with a truck you
expect it to be tighter - especially a truck of this size - so it being so
loose when it is so big seems it goes out of control for me easier - and
after having it for 5 months and putting 20,000 km on it -  lots hiway - I
still have not gotten used to it - I had to be very careful whenever I did
lane changes because it seemed it was too fast and was nearly out of
control - so it makes me wonder if ...........

                   Bigger wheels - this one has the 16" (last one had 15")
can that make this 'control' difference?
                   Is everyone's 2000 model looser than the 99's were or is
there something we did get/not get with this model I am not aware of that
would cause this difference?

Any response from the people familiar with both models would be
appreciated...... thanks.......


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