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small-list Digest Mon, 15 Jan 2001 Volume: 2001  Issue: 011

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Re: [[I failed my first smog!!]]


Date: 15 Jan 01 21:51:48 EST
From: Tim Turner <>
Subject: Re: [[I failed my first smog!!]]

Adam McLaughlin <> wrote:

> I've missed your presence on the email list for while.

Probably some people that haven't!  ;-)

> Hmm.... It has been idling higher than usual recently, so it may pay to go
down to the local Napa
> and pick up an "Intake gasket" set for the 2.9 just to have the upper
intake/plenum gaskets to go
> around.

Has that helped any?

> when I did the radiator, water pump and thermostat last year. The fan has
been removed and a flex
> a light electric fan has been mounted on the radiator.

What was the approximate engine temperature when it was tested?  If it was
below  165F or so it might still be in "open loop".  Might want to stick a 195
thermostat back in it to pass the smog...

> have been replaced. Yeah, both. This might be the only B2 with two of them,
but there are.

It's not; a PAIN to get the one in the cannister back on without any leakage.
That O-ring will cut in a skinny minute.  ;-)

> When I installed the new JBA headers last winter, I had the muffler shop
check to see if the cats
> were clogged, they said taht they weren't although the cats were the old
pellet style. Hmmm...

Effeciency could be down on 'em but still ought to be a lot lower than the
readings you had assuming closed loop operation.

Sorry to be short, but it's a real cluster-nut around here right now.  :-(


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