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small-list Digest Fri, 17 Nov 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 195

In This Issue:
Explorer questions
ADMIN: Web site message boards
Master Cylinder Interchangeability
Re: [Master Cylinder Interchangeability]


Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 18:02:57 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: Four Cylinder Vs. Camper (Not a GOOd Idea !!)
From: Sandman <>

When I first got my 89 Ranger 4 cylinder, it had a camper shell on it.  It
really did not affect the performance(or should I say, poorformance), but
it was around here in Houston where we are at sea level and very
flat.  I took the topper off after having the truck a week, and after
that, when I loaded the bed down to go camping with about 500-600 pounds
of gear, it really struggled to get up to speed.  The 4 cylinder is really
underpowered to do anything other than drive around and move light loads.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, kevin daxon wrote:

> Hello Keith,
> Thanks for the great feed-back, this is the type of advice I was hoping
> I'd get!
> Well, it goes without saying that we are now seriously reconsidering
> this "upgrade" since many of the places we would be traveling with it
> would either be hilly or windy (and most of the time, both) since in the
> summer we like to camp in our local mountains and in the winter we spend
> quite a lot of time out in the Mojave desert riding ATV's and camping.
> It looks like we'll probably have to let this one go, at least until one
> of us gets a more fitting vehicle to haul it with.  Oh, and good point
> about the larger tires requiring a gear swap I was aware of that, but
> thanks for the reminder!
>         --Kevin
>         Orange County, So.Cal.
>         '99 Ranger 4x2 - Mostly stock


From: "Mark Biederbeck" <>
Subject: Explorer questions
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 17:54:07 -0800

I am in the market for an Explorer, presently have a 91 Ranger 4x4/auto/4.0
so I am reasonably familiar with them.  Does anyone have any general advice
as to whether the newer ones (with the newer front suspension) are worth the
extra money?  I am likely going to have to get a unit with a lot of miles
since my budget is low but I'll pay extra to get a better vehicle.  Also,
don't some of the newer ones have SOHC or DOHC motors?  Do they get better
mileage?  I don't want a V8 model as fuel economy is important, unless for
some reason they get better mileage.

I will be mainly doing freeway driving w/ some severe in-town also.  I tow a
boat that's about 3000 lb., through hilly terrain.

Who I'd like to hear most from are those that have had both the older and
newer generation models.  The unit I'm get will for sure be an automatic and
hopefully well optioned.  Are there any options that are problematic (e.g.
sunroof, power seats, etc.)?  Also, how are the newer 5-spd automatics?

I know it's a big open-ended question but I really do appreciate any good

Mark Biederbeck
8100 SW Canyon Drive
Portland,OR  97225
Home 503-292-4590


Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:20:41 -0500
From: Ken Payne <>
Subject: ADMIN: Web site message boards

The web site Message Board software has been updated to the
latest version of DCForum.  This new version adds a ton of
new features, including instant connecting to other online
FTE users via ICQ (if you have ICQ installed).  Check out
the announcement forum of the boards for more information.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:07:14 +0000
From: Adam McLaughlin <>
Subject: Master Cylinder Interchangeability

Does anyone know how well the master cylinder fits from the F150 to the

If I wanted to use the full size truck master on my mid size, how would
I get this done? Would I pull the full size brake booster, the master
cylinder, reservoir, some of the lines, the low level sensor and the
whole shebang with it to get this swapped over?

I am trying to improve the stopping ability of the bronco 2. I am going
to install the new super lift brake hoses this morning to replace my
leaking Explorer Pro Comp stainless lines.

I know that a lot of people have said that I need bigger brakes, but I
would like to avoid the 8.8 swap if I could. I have way too much money
in my 7.5, and I like it too much to buy an 8.8, get a new detroit
locker, set it up, fabricate new mounts for my traction bars, etc.

I have also heard that some people who have swapped out the 7.5 for a
disc-ed 8.8 also swap the master cylinder. Is this because of fluid
proportioning, or because it just moves much more fluid?

Any ideas?



Date: 18 Nov 00 15:45:22 EST
From: Tim Turner <>
Subject: Re: [Master Cylinder Interchangeability]

Adam McLaughlin <> wrote:

> I have also heard that some people who have swapped out the 7.5 for a
> disc-ed 8.8 also swap the master cylinder. Is this because of fluid
> proportioning, or because it just moves much more fluid?

Hmm.. would it be easier to alter the bore size of the wheel cylinders to
achieve what you're looking for?  Possibly an adjustable proportioning valve
could be of some help as well.

Tim  (Finally back from the Video card/HD snafu)  :-)

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