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small-list Digest Tue, 14 Nov 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 193

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Re: Question about Cat-Back Exhaust system for a 2000 Ran
Four Cylinder Vs. Camper


Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 22:39:09 EST
Subject: Re: Question about Cat-Back Exhaust system for a 2000 Ran

What size is your engine to begin with?


Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 10:12:06 -0800
From: kevin daxon <>
Subject: Four Cylinder Vs. Camper

Hey guys,

First of all let me say I've been a member of this list for a couple of
months now, and I have really appreciated all the great discussions.

First, some background.  My GF and I have a '99 Ranger 4x2 with a five
speed and 2.5L four cylinder.  Currently the only mods we've done to it
are installing a set of Rancho RS5000's (this alone made a HUGE
improvement in the off-road handling of the truck) and a K&N drop-in air
filter.  We're planning installing larger tires (around 31") in the next
few months.  Now for my question.

One of my buddies will soon be selling a small cab-over camper which
he's been hauling around on the back of his Ranger for the past five
years or so, since his truck (a '93 Ranger 4x2) and my GF's truck have
the same size bed, and since we could get a really good deal on the
camper we are naturally thinking of purchasing it and installing it on
her truck, for trips our monthly trips out to the desert or up to the
mountains.  However I'm a bit concerned since my GF's truck only has a
four cylinder (while the guy who is selling the camper has the 4.0 V6) I
know that he also had to install Firestone Air Springs to help with the
additional weight of the camper.  In leafing through the the owners
manual which came with our '99 Ranger it says not to use a cab-over
camper on the vehicle, but I'm wondering why?  Is it because of the
weight, or perhaps it's just too much for the four cylinder?  (I keep
telling her she should have gotten the 4.0 V6).  If we go ahead with the
purchase I will be adding a set of air springs and Rancho RS9000's to
the rear of her truck (I've been running the same set-up on my non-Ford
truck for the past year and a half and have no complaints) I just wanted
to make sure I'm not over-looking something obvious.  Any comments?

Thanks in advance.

           '99 Ranger 4x2 K&N, RS5000's, more to come
           '93 "Kind of looks like a Ford" Lots of mods...


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