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Re: I'm so lucky with my valve covers
87 Ranger


From: "Brian A" <>
Subject: Re: I'm so lucky with my valve covers
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 03:21:04 GMT

Northern tool has some pretty good deals.  i did all my tranny work without
anything.  taking my mitsu 5pd out and putting my c-4 in and out a couple
times.  it was not easy but got done.  guess thats what takes the most drive
and determination.  hard labor.  i have about 1200 miles and my setup is
doing great.  still shifting hard and firm, cranks first shot, holds temp
down.  just smokes occasionally when you idle for a long time.  its a rich
condition that i can not figure out.  it uses a lot of gas and maxes out at
11 mpg highway.  i have changed jetting, spings, and adjusted timing and
checked plugs and such.  may have a leaking intake gasket somewhere.  it has
a valve rattle at cruising speed part throttle over 55 and tries to choke
out every now and then.  just a small bug that will get taken care of
shortly when i have time to play with it.  still turns heads about like
yours would adam.  the sound is awesome and people love to see the rear end
sit down 3 inches when i take off.   :-)


>And that's is what I am talking about!! The only problem with them is that
>are only a six cylinder engine... :-)
>A nice surprise came via UPS today. I got my order from Northern Tool,
>placed on
>that monday where everything was shipped for free. I got a 3 ton floor
>jack, and
>a transmission jack for $144 shipped to my door! Awesome. I put off
>transmission/clutch jobs no more!!

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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 13:28:57 -0500 (EST)
From: Sinclair Gordon <>
Subject: 87 Ranger

Iam hoping some one will be able to help me out
i have a 1987 ranger with the 2.9 v6 and the A4LD automatic tranmission
...there is 287000 km on it....the transmission has been replaced once at
180000 and just recently it has started acting up.
If you drive below 80 km/hr no problem but if you exceed this speed and then
slack of on the gas the trany disengages and i have to wait till i drop
below 60 km/hr for it to reengage.
I have talked to a repair shop and was told the repair it would be over 1200
canadian....The filter and fluid has been changed and when it was the fluid
was clean and even the bottom of the pan was clean....
Any suggestions would be appreciated  and does any oneknow if i can replace
the 4 speed auto with a three speed auto with out the over drive..i was told
the over drive in the 87s was a real problem..

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