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small-list Digest Sun, 10 Sep 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 147

In This Issue:
Bronco 2 side windows
Re: Drive shaft
Explorer A/C Question
Choppy Chopp


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 18:59:36 +0100
From: Adam McLaughlin <>
Subject: Bronco 2 side windows

Attn: Bronco 2 owners, Tim especially!!

I got the top chopped off of the bronco 2 today. Next monday, it goes to
the body shop for finishing work. They will be pinch welding, and
rolling the rough edges that I left them to do. It will look totally
factory, with everything being just perfect. I am going to go with a
ranger tailgate for the rear end.

Now, I would like to help those who have helped me. Does anyone need a
set of rear windows for a bronco 2? Used, good condition. No cracks,
chips, dents, etc. The original factory tint is all there, and is
excellent condition.

How much? Hmm... I don't know. I'm not trying to make a lot of money off
of these, so make me an offer. You guys have helped me in many, many
ways and maybe I can help someone else out.

Take Care,



From: "Harry" <>
Subject: Re: Drive shaft
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 01:40:58 -0400

My '90 B II needed a new tail shaft after the OEM drive shaft went bad, but I
didn't know it at the time, because it "felt good". On a road trip a few months
later, it happened again while hundreds of miles from home. Bought a junkyard
drive shaft for $160 plus a used tail shaft, plus a tranny shop charge.
Stupidity is expensive (me), so as soon as I got home, I ordered a drive shaft
w/ u-joints from "Dicks Drive Shaft".

"The only thing wrong with a perfect drive
to work is that you end up at work."

*>  -----Original Message-----
*> From: Chuck Anderson
*> I have a 1990 Bronco II with 200,000 miles.  The vehicle has the original CV
*> driveshaft.  When I tell this to people, their faces are usually taken over
*> with a look of disbelief.
*> The Bronco, at times, has a slight vibration.  I have narrowed this down to
*> being a drive shaft vibration.  When I get under the the truck, there is no
*> slack whatsoever.  Could the driveshaft still be bad and have no slack?
*> This is the first vehicle i've owned with this type of driveshaft.
*> Thanks for any help.


From: Bolte Brent <>
Subject: Explorer A/C Question
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 08:05:02 -0400

A strange problem developed on my 1997 Explorer this weekend.  While
driving in town I noticed that the A/C compressor would rapidly cycle on/off
whenever the Explorer was sitting at idle with the transmission shifted into
drive (like while sitting at a stop light).  From what I can tell, when the
compressor kicks in it pulls the idle speed down too low and the engine
control processor then disengages the compressor to bring the engine idle
speed back up.  It will then sit for a few seconds, turn the compressor back
on, and a second later turn it back off because the idle speed once again
drops back down.  Two ways I've found to "correct" the problem is to either
step on the gas pedal to slightly increase idle speed, or shift into
neutral, both
of which will allow the compressor to stay engaged.  This is a 1997 Explorer
with the 4.0 OHV V6.  I know idle speed is supposed to be computer
so its not a matter of idle speed going out of or needing adjustment.  Any
for you mechanics out there??  Could it possibly be the idle speed solenoid
turning on to compensate for the extra engine load when the compressor kicks

in while idling or could a vacuum leak cause the idle speed to have gotten
This seemed to start suddenly after we drove for about 6 straight hours
for gas of course), but I think this was purely coincidental.  Any hints or
would be helpful.

Thanks, Brent Bolte
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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 19:49:25 +0100
From: Adam McLaughlin <>
Subject: Choppy Chopp

Well, today while going to school and work I broke loose one of the
bolts that holds the shorter rear anti-sway bar to the frame. This is
with James Duff Stage 3 with long link traction bars.

Anyway, if you get up and moving on it, that little B2 really hauls. I
was actually testing more for the wind affect, but in all reality there
is almost none noticeable. That's nice, and a California September
doesn't put that much of a chil into it.

This weekend the new 80s series ranger tailgate will go in, and then it
will be off to the body shop for them to make it look absolutely
factory. They're going to soak me a bunch of money to make it look
stock, but I think it will be worth it.

You can still hear the radio alright, and the mellow tone of the JBA
headers and Flowmaster Series 50 is pretty. If you want to have some
fun, you can romp on it near thirty miles per hour in third gear and
feel the bronco buck and feel the rush of suddenn acceleration. It's
very cool, indeed.

I haven't tried a decent romp in first of second gear, because mainly I
don't need to break anything right at the moment. Honestly, this car
gets more fun every day!!



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