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small-list Digest Sun, 10 Sep 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 146

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Re: Replacing Firestone Tires -- Are we adults here? (apo
Steering on 95 loose
Re: Driveshaft
98 Explorer 4wd


From: "Keith Christensen" <>
Subject: Re: Replacing Firestone Tires -- Are we adults here? (apo
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 00:33:51 -0700

First off; Tim's "just the messenger", so don't throw flames his
Second; I don't think that either Tim or I qualify as *certified*
"tire experts" for legal purposes.......................

Methinks that Ford "Corporate" is extremely out of it's "mind"
(TINFCM) with this list.  There's a whole bunch of tires on this
list that I wouldn't put on a dog for fear that said dog would lose
traction in a mudpuddle, and a far larger list that wasn't "listed"
that I'd "approve personally"..

I'm biased (+) on Dunlops, and didn't see them at all.

I'll admit that there's a huge difference in tires--- but I don't
see the
"AT     General       Grabber AP               235/75 105S S2  SBL
as fitting  anybody's needs....  it ain't street/it ain't offroad--
what IS IT?

( wurk got some "unnamemeable but competetent" "SUV"s in with these,
suspect the tire issue is why--  I drove one and could spit on the
ground and burn rubber in the spit!! -- maybe it's the OEM verion)

And-- personal opinion---  "most" Explorer owners would be better
off with a passenger "all weather" tread pattern in a P235/75 size
.  Those of us here on the list are different, we have better info
available  and folks like Tim ....

Date:  8 Sep 00 21:19:49 EDT
From: Tim Turner <>
Subject: Replacing Firestone Tires

 A chart of 'approved' tires for Ford trucks with important notes
at the

*Explorer, Mountaineer, and Ranger 4x2 ONLY*

Tread | Manufacturer|     Tire Brand         | Size | Rating |
AS     Bridgestone   Dueler H/L               235/75 105S     OWL
AS     Continental   Conti Trac Radial ST     235/75 105S     OWL
AS     Firestone     Wilderness HT            235/75 105S     OWL
AS     Firestone     Wilderness HT IV         235/75 105S     OWL
AS     General       Grabber ST               235/75 SL       OWL
AS     Goodyear      Wrangler HT              235/75 S2       OWL
AS     Goodyear      Workhorse Radial         235/75 S2       OWL
AS     Michelin      LTX M/S                  235/75 105S     ORWL
AS     Uniroyal      Laredo All Seasons AWP   235/75 105S SL  ROWL
AS     Uniroyal      Laredo with Nailguard    235/75 SL 105S  ROWL
AS     Uniroyal      Laredo All Seasons       235/75 105S     OWL

*Explorer, Mountaineer, and Ranger 4x2 and 4x4*

AT     Bridgestone   Dueler A/T (D693)        235/75 105S     OWL
AT     Firestone     Wilderness AT            235/75 105S     OWL
AT     General       Grabber AT               235/75 105S     OWL
AT     Goodyear      Wrangler GS/A            235/75 S2       OWL
AT     Goodyear      Wrangler RT/S            235/75 105 S2   OWL
AT     Goodyear      Wrangler Radial          235/75 105S S2  OWL
AT     Michelin      LTX A/T                  235/75 105S     ORWL

*Explorer, Mountaineer, and Ranger 4x2 and 4x4 desiring black

AT     Firestone     Wilderness AT            235/75 105S     BSW
AT     Goodyear      Wrangler RT/S            235/75 105S S2
AT     Goodyear      Wrangler RT/S            235/75 105S     BSL
AT     General       Grabber AP               235/75 105S S2  SBL

Being the 'Small' list I'm not going to type out the F-Series &
Bronco chart.
;-)  Anyone wanting it can ask though.

Notes for Explorer & Mountaineer as taken from  Firestone TSB

Use only the tire sizes that are listed on the driver's side door
"Safety Compliance Certification Label."

Make sure the replacement tires are of the same size, type, load
capacity, speed rating, and tread design (e.g. "All Terrain", etc.)
originally provided by Ford Motor Company.

Do not replace tires with "High Performance" tires.

All season tires in the P235/75R15 size are not suitable replacement
tires for
4x4 Explorers and Mountaineers, however they are acceptable on 4x2

P235/75R15 'XL' and LT235/75R15 tires are currently available in the
replacement market.  These tires are not approved by Ford for use on
Explorer or Mountaineer as replacement for the P235/75R15.
Replacement with
these tires could result in a degradation in ride and handling

Acceptable Replacement Tires for the campaign

4x2 Explorers and Mountaineers
P235/75R15 105S All Seasons
P235/75R15 105S All Terrain

4x4 Explorers and Mountaineers
P235/75R15 105S All Terrain

Additionally any tire that meets the above criteria listed under
Replacement Tires" may be used for Explorers and Mountaineers

What are all the letters you ask?  OWL=Outline White Letter,
RWL=Raised White
Letter, BSW=Black Sidewall etc.  I don't have a "tire guide" handy
so don't
ask about the 'BSLRPTL' one!  :-)



Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:46:35 EDT
Subject: Steering on 95 loose

I have a 2000 Ranger and my wife has a 95 Explorer. They use to be both on
the same list but now I see there is an Explorer list too. However since they
both have the same chassis I will post my question here and hope for the best.
The steering has developed a "dead" spot when driving. The steering wheel has
to be turned about 1 inch before the wheels turn. The alignment shop says
that we need a whole new rack and pinion set for around $600 to $800! Ouch!
Anyone with a similar model (70K miles) have this problem?


From: "Summers, Burnett" <>
Subject: Re: Driveshaft
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 15:21:02 -0400

As other posts have mentioned, rebuilding/replacing the existing CV joints will cost you as much as a replacement shaft with u-joints. The advantage to the u-joint shaft is that once installed, you can replace the u-joints for <$50 (if you ever need to do this again.)

I replaced the shaft on my '89 BII at around 115K miles. (I was getting lots of rumbling noise above 65 mph.) I bought an excellent quality shaft for around $300 from James Duff Inc. I think the URL is


'89 BII

-----Original Message-----
From: Chuck Anderson []
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 9:27 AM
Subject: [small-list] Driveshaft

I have a 1990 Bronco II with 200,000 miles.  The vehicle has the original CV
driveshaft.  When I tell this to people, their faces are usually taken over
with a look of disbelief.

The Bronco, at times, has a slight vibration.  I have narrowed this down to
being a drive shaft vibration.  When I get under the the truck, there is no
slack whatsoever.  Could the driveshaft still be bad and have no slack?
This is the first vehicle i've owned with this type of driveshaft.

Thanks for any help.
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From: "Dave Gleason" <>
Subject: 98 Explorer 4wd
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:35:35 -0700

The 4wd on my '98 Explorer has been in to the dealer once when it quit functioning.  The 4wd hi and lo lights  flashed in sequence and the 4wd would not engage.  The dealer did something, but now, about 6 weeks later, the problem is back.  Has anyone else had a similiar problem, and if so, what fixed it permanantly?

Dave Gleason


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