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small-list Digest Tue, 29 Aug 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 139

In This Issue:
Re: [fuel injecting the 2.8L]
Re: small-engine cams (from FI a 2.8)
'95 ford Ranger horn replacement
Re: '95 ford Ranger horn replacement


From: "Brian A" <>
Subject: Re: [fuel injecting the 2.8L]
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 00:47:15 GMT

Chuck Badger <> wrote:
>I am interested in fuel injecting my 84 Bronco II.  It has the 2.8L
I found a site that tells how to convert it using the fuel injection system
from the rear wheel drive 3.8's. Please check out this site and let me

Sounds like it would work OK; a fair amount of work, but nothing too major.
Depending on your local emissions testing/requirements it could be a better
choice than 4-Bbl conversion or the 5.0 swap.  I'd still be tempted to drop
a bit of a cam while I was there, but that's just me.  :-)


But....  Keep in mind that Tim would drop  a bit of a cam in a lawnmower if
he thought it would cut faster.  LOL.

just had to call that one Tim.  :-)


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Date: 29 Aug 00 21:47:49 EDT
From: Tim Turner <>
Subject: Re: small-engine cams (from FI a 2.8)

"Brian A" <> wrote:

> But....  Keep in mind that Tim would drop  a bit of a cam in a lawnmower if
> he thought it would cut faster.  LOL.
> just had to call that one Tim.  :-)
> Brian

Given the popularity of 'Karts there's a wonderous assortment of cams for the
venerable ol' B&S 5HP; even one manufacturer about 15 Miles from my home.  ;-)
FWIW I'm eyeing the supercharger for the lawn-mower along with the cam!  (JK;
small as my yard is I make do with the weed-eater, but assuming the next place
has a real yard it might be fun..)


PS: the rumors of my putting a cammed 2.3 from a Ranger into a riding mower
are (currently!) false.

Remember.. the last name is Turner not 'Taylor' (Home Improvement dude.)

TT  :-)

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From: "Azie L. Magnusson" <>
Subject: BII's/Rangers
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 07:34:09 -0500

New to the small list, but been on the 61-79 list nearly since its
inception.  Have a
couple of Q's about the BII and the earlier Rangers of same years!!

When was the 4.0 introduced into Rangers?  Was it ever used in BII's?? Was
BII and the Explorer ever made the same years or was the explorer a
for the BII?
Looking at some early BII's and some Rangers of the same years and don't
squat about them.  Give me some clues as to what to look for and what
to avoid!!
Seriously considering a 351W and AOD for installiation in above project..
May wind up with 302 and AOD.

Azie Magnusson
Ardmore, Al.


Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 18:24:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: "brian.opp" <Brian.OppEast.Sun.COM>
Subject:  '95 ford Ranger horn replacement

Hi all,

Well, last I talk to you all, I was troubleshooting my horn on my '95 Ranger.
I appears as thought the problem was in the After Market horn and nothing else
(so far).

I've tried buying some "Universal" horns from places like Pep Boys and

but their horns sound like little Euro cars.  I want something that will sound
close to an actual Ford Truck horn without paying the high price.  (And I'm not
quite ready yet for an air horn w/ compressor either).  I also checked out JC
Whittney's but all they had were air horns and musical horns.  I guess my only
options are to keep searching, look in junkyards, or bite the bullet and buy a
factory horn.

Can anyone recommend a brand or type of replacement horn that will sound close
to a Ford issued horn? And where to buy it?



From: "Jerry Dean" <>
Subject: Re: '95 ford Ranger horn replacement
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:58:34 -0400

Best place to try will probably be the junk yards.  Have you checked to see
if other horns will work from other Ford trucks?  That might help you expand
your options a little.  I know that I will be getting a chrome air horn in
the next few weeks, just for the fact that the factory horns are not loud
enough.  I want one with the small electric compressor, that way I can tuck
it away in the engine compartment and it will still look nice and clean
along with everything else that is under the hood.  I have a 96 Ranger that
I transformed into a massive show truck, and I am going for the function as
well as the look when I get mine.


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