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small-list Digest Fri, 25 Aug 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 137

In This Issue:
Seatbelt Trouble
Re: [Ranger Firestones]
Re: Ranger Firestones
Bridgestone profit falls 50% on tire recall
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Re: [[perf-list] Another use for Herculiner... VERY FUNNY
Re: [Re: Firestone Policy]
Firestone Code
Fuel injecting the 2.8L


Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 15:16:08 GMT
Subject: Seatbelt Trouble

The ratchet mechanism on the driver's seatbelt in my '88 BII XLT broke
yesterday.  I pulled the seatbelt out of the pillar, and it unraveled
into my lap.  Even opening the door didn't coil it back up.  Despite
being a mild pain in the rear, this is a pretty serious safety issue.
Does anyone know of a recall or a TSB or anything about this?


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From: Bolte Brent <>
Subject: Re: [Ranger Firestones]
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:29:04 -0400

Funny you should mention what the Goodyear dealer told you
about the funny wear.  When the first set of Goodyears on
my 1995 Explorer started wearing funny, I started looking
at other Explorers (1995 & 1996 models) in parking lots
and noticed what I thought was a really strange trend.  The
Explorers with Goodyear tires on them ALL showed signs of
uneven wear on the inside edge of the front tires, however
almost none of the Explorers with Firestone tires showed any
sign of uneven inside edge wear or any uneven wear at all.
When I talked to the guy at the Goodyear dealer and told him
that, all he could say was that they had found Explorers to
be really bad at wearing out front tires and that I should
have it aligned very often to minimize the problem.  When I
kept asking him why the Explorers with Firestones didn't seem
to exhibit the problem, he would always try to change the
subject (this guy should run for political office).  I am
now on my second set of tires on this Explorer (it just
turned 57,000), I get it aligned every 4-6 months, and this
set of tires is just about history (I've had it aligned at
both Ford Dealers and lately at shops that deal strictly
with frame and suspension alignments with no change in how
the tires wear).  My in-laws have a 1995 Explorer (about a
month newer than ours) with Firestones on it and they are
wearing even.  They've never had it aligned and have 68,000
on the original factory tires.  For me, the next set of tires
I buy will not be Goodyear.  From what I've seen Goodyear has
their own problem with tires, while not as severe as the
problem Firestone has, it's still a problem.

Later, Brent

On Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:48:58 David Cooley wrote:

I had aquatreads on a 95 dodge neon...  Wet and dry traction
was good, but even after repeated alignments, they wore funny...
Guy at the goodyear store I bought them at said they were having problems
with the vulcanization process at the factory... some
of the rubber hardened properly, some stayed softer than it should
and caused the weird wear.  He said most all their tire lines were affected.
I've avoided goodyear since then... that was in late 96.

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 10:44:13 -0700
From: Joe Zuk <>
Subject: Re: Ranger Firestones

> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:31:20 -0700
> From: "Michael D. Sheridan" <>
> Subject: Ranger Firestones
> My 1999 2WD Ranger has the same Firestone tires being
> mentioned but they are the 225 Wilderness AT.
> What about us guys? Are we going to be included
> in this recall or just the 235s?
> As a matter of fact I have never liked the tires
> from the day I bought the truck new. They seem to me
> to ride terrible and with the grooves being so
> far apart they pick up every little pebble they
> can find and I never drive off road. It's all I
> can do with a small screwdriver to dig the pebbles
> out of them before the service man has changed
> the oil and filter and started to lower the rack.
> Just a glance at the sidewalls would appear
> to me that they are a second line or a blemished
> tire as there are a few ridges and valleys here
> and there.
> I don't trust these tires so I almost never take
> this truck on the highway.
> I've got 16,000 miles on them now and if not recalled
> and replaced at no charge I am going to dump them at
> 20,000 and get something I feel safe with.
> Any comment would be helpful including the top of
> line tire for this truck which is mostly driven
> around town and never carries much of a load.
> Michael

Last night on the local news, the consumer news man said that the recall may be changed to include more tires from Firestone. I guess that some group is suing Firestone to include more tires then what is all ready out there. His advice was that if you buy tires that are not in the recall now save your old tires because you will need them to make a claim if they ever do get into the recall. Then he went on to say not the drive in the desert, keep your speed down and to keep them inflated correctly because the blowouts only happen at high temps. So I guess when it get to be 100 around here this weekend noone will be out on the freeways.

BTW did anyone else see the other story thats coming out now. From what I understand back in 91 the Explorer could not pass a handling test with the tires inflated to 32psi without some major redesign work, but it could pass the test when the tires are inflated to 26psi. With the tires inflated to only 26psi that causes them to heats up more and increases the risk of a blow out. Kind of glad I don't own one of these now.


Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 15:00:29 -0400
Subject: Bridgestone profit falls 50% on tire recall

Too bad .......

Bridgestone profit falls 50% on tire recall
                               Japan's Bridgestone said its first-half net
profit plunged nearly 50% because
                               of a massive tire recall in the U.S., while the
yen's strength against the dollar
                               reduced the value of exports.

                               The Tokyo-based tire maker said net profit
tumbled 49% to 18.90 billion yen
                               ($176.9 million) from 36.68 billion yen a year
earlier, mostly because of a 37.2
                               billion yen special loss it took after ordering
the recall of tires being
                               investigated for possible connection to traffic
                               SOURCE: Dow Jones News Service, 08.25


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Date: 26 Aug 00 00:19:04 EDT
From: Tim Turner <>
Subject: Re: [[perf-list] Another use for Herculiner... VERY FUNNY

"Garrett Nelson" <> wrote:

> This is a little off topic, but it's the funniest thing I have read in a
long time! I'm on page 9 now and still reading... and I can't stop laughing!

What a hoot(us)!  Well worth the ink cartridge that expired during the *84*
page print out.  I'm sure more people will appreciate that then the ink I used
for the entire gasoline FAQ.  I can't tell you how many kleenex Kim and I went
through from laughing as I read her selected posts.  Now... how are we at FTE
going to top this?  <BG>

> Hope this isn't inappropriate Ken.


i) It WAS an Explorer involved.

ii) An FTE'er provided the ultimate final solution if you read it all.

iii) Reading the equipment lists (and sig. files) provides some insight on the
popular upgrades.

I'm just wondering how it never popped up in the 'small' mail list. ;-)


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Date: 26 Aug 00 01:06:06 EDT
From: Tim Turner <>
Subject: Re: [Re: Firestone Policy]

"Bobby Herring" <> wrote:
> Anything about tires that were replaced and the old ones are long gone?

Not that I've seen.  (Yet!)  One quote of interest would be "Firestone is
required by law to secure all recalled tires"  Presumably to keep them from
cropping up as 'used' tires or for testing.  FWIW "Costco will replace tires
at no charge to their members",  "We appreciate the cooperation of other major
U.S. tire manufacturers in ramping up their production of replacement tires,"

> kept the old ones this time.

Smart move.  :-)

> The ones I have do not have the VD letter code meaning they were not
> manufactured at the Decatur plant. The separation I had on the two I
> replaced happened with about half the tread left.
> I haven't called any store, yet. I was waiting to see if they were forced
> expand the recall to other tires, first.

I'd stay with that plan since they aren't involved at this point

Firestone needs the DOT number of all the tires they get; an interesting note
is this from the FAQ of the last letter.

"Q.  What is the proper way to prepare a recalled tire for return to

A.  We request that these tires be rendered unusable by inserting a 10 inch
cut or drilling at least a 1 inch hole within 2 inches of the DOT number in
the sidewall of the tire.  Do not remove the DOT serial number from the tire,
it will be removed by the service center after examination."

DO NOT do this yourself; that is an instruction to the retailer!  I find it
interesting though.  Ever tried to cut or drill a tire?  They'll need to hire
extra help just to do that.

On the subjuct of 'comparable tires':

"Q.  What BFS products can I use to replace tires involved in the recall?

A.  Any tire that is appropriate as stated in the vehicle owner's manual can
be used as a replacement tire.  For the most current listing of FORD
authorized tires for the Explorer and Mountaineer, please refer to the Ford
web site at"


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From: "John Becker" <>
Subject: Firestone Code
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 08:46:59 -0500

The tires on our explorer has a code of "W2".
Anyone seen anything on them yet ??


Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 15:54:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chuck Badger <>
Subject: Fuel injecting the 2.8L

I am interested in fuel injecting my 84 Bronco II.  It has the 2.8L engine.  I found a site that tells how to convert it using the fuel injection system from the rear wheel drive 3.8's. Please check out this site and let me know.


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