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small-list-digest Sunday, January 23 2000 Volume 04 : Number 022

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Re: FTE Small - OT - How the Navy Killed my 17 year old brother!



Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 11:00:27 CST
From: "James Steele">
Subject: Re: FTE Small - OT - How the Navy Killed my 17 year old brother!


I am so sorry for your loss. Your brother must have been a remarkable
young man, to be willing to devote his youth to service in the armed forces,
especially with the current administration in power.

There is nothing anyone can say which will relieve the pain and sorrow
you and your family feel now after losing someone so young and full of
promise. Please remember that his loss, although it may seem pointless,
occurred while he was taking action to carry out his plan for his future, a
future which began with service to his country. There are many of us out
here who understand this, appreciate his commitment, and feel the loss of
such a young man.

Please convey my heartfelt condolences to your family.


>Ok, sorry for the ot, but this is my brother, i could not retype the email
>that my dad sent, so i am just copying it:
>How the Navy Killed my 17 year old son!
>so friday morning, i send my 17 year old son, off with the navy recruiter,
>to take him to indianapolis, for processing into the navy...
>so, they drop him off at a hotel at about 5pm, UNSUPERVISED,,,, remember,
>he's only 17, a minor,,,
>and he goes swimming, and drowns....
>so, i go througjh a bunch of phone calls,,,
>and get ahold of the Casualty Assistance Officer in Connecticut,
>and they tell me SORRY.
>Sorry? That'S IT!!!!
>they are not even going to send out a Chaplain to help me cry
>this is just not right.
>what do i do?
>this is just not right.
>thank you
>Matt Powell
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