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small-list-digest Saturday, December 25 1999 Volume 03 : Number 337

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FTE Small - re: clutch slave replacement



Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 06:58:22 -0500
From: Dwight Varnes>
Subject: FTE Small - re: clutch slave replacement

Having just done this job on mine, it is fresh in the memory. If you
need any specific advice, just email me.
I bought the special tool for the hydraulic line, got ripped off $15 at
NAPA for it. Others have purchased a plastic tool for about $5. It's a
little hairy to attempt with the two screwdrivers; cost notwithstanding
I like the tool better. For the right price you can buy or rent mine :)

Vicious rumours abound about the trouble bleeding the system but I had
no trouble at all. I filled the reservoir, opened the bleeder and
waitied until fluid dripped out, then bled like any other system. Worked
perfectly in a few minutes.

Replace the plastic plugs on the trans while you have it out, they are
on the bellhousing. I didn't b/c I thought my leak was the rear trans
case housing (easily removed) but apparently it wasn't.

You'll need a male Torx-type socket to remove the shifter.

The worst part is getting the bellhousing bolts loose and removed, take
off the starter and the metal brackets on the engine block sides for
access. A 2.5 or 3 foot extension and two swivels are really helpful.

Any other Q's just ask.

- --
Dwight Varnes, insurance appraiser and car nut
1970 124 Spider (restored, mostly)
1986 Audi Coupe GT (new, bigger engine in pieces on garage floor)
1989 VW Jetta GLI 16v (the wife's ride, tired but loyal)
1965 Buick Skylark conv. (unrestored, for sale)
1990 Ford Ranger 2.3 twin spark (parts runner and daily commuter)
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