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small-list-digest Sunday, November 14 1999 Volume 03 : Number 298

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Re: FTE Small - Explorer Fuel Pump questions
Re: FTE Small - Reliable Motors/Overheating Experience



Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 09:48:03 -0500
From: Ken Payne

Fellow Ford Truck Enthusiasts list members.....

I've put a survey on the web site specifically for members
of this list. I'm trying to find out if this list warrants
being split.

The survey simply asks you to select if you own a Ranger,
Bronco II, Explorer or Aerostar (you can vote more than once
if you own more than one).

It can be found at:

I would appreciate it if everyone here can take the survey
so I can get an accurate count in order to serve you better.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 18:32:24 -0600
From: Scott Ford
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Explorer Fuel Pump questions

Geoffrey Hoffman wrote:

> >Good luck, you'll need it:)
> thanks, man. one thing i was thinking of doing was putting a new
> tank anyway, since i hate only having 300 of range on a tank, so, if
> the fuel pump bugs me, i may def. do that together.
> and we think the '93 'stang pump will work with my explorer? not
> sure how close they are, one would think they will be the same.

I really can't tell you, I have never had the fuel pump out of
a Ranger or explorer, but the tech guys at Vortech may be able
to help you out. I have a 190lph sitting here for my Mustang, and
it looks like every other electric Ford fuel pump I have seen, but
that is obviously no guarantee.

BTW just to be completely clear, we are not talking about the stock '93
Mustang fuel pump, but an aftermarket high flow fuel pump for a '93 or
so Mustang. you could get one of these from just about any company
in say, Super Ford, or MM&FF.

> how easy is it to drop the tank and do this? it does not look to
> hard, but that can be deceiving. it just looks like loosening the
> straps and bolts, and dropping it out.

well, from looking at it, I would agree that it should not be that
terrible. the Mustang has the same type of setup, with two straps,
and it was just that. make sure you have the tank almost empty, for
weight, just don't smoke, or use electric tools around it, for obvious
reasons. Oh, and don't forget to disconnect the filler tube before
removing the straps, otherwise it could be a pain.

> thanks a lot for your help. looking forward to doing this. :)

Well, we just spent another whole day tracking down little problems with
my buddies '98 Ranger, it has been a pretty long ordeal. However, the
problems we are having all result from using a kit for an older
in conjunction with all the new fuel system, and electronics. You
should be happy
with the extra power though, gives quite a kick.

Scott Ford

- --
'99 Ranger 4X4 Scott Ford
'86 Mustang GT Member
'56 Ford F-100 Alpha Psi chapter
Theta Xi Fraternity
"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right" Henry
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Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 01:29:08 -0500
From: Wesley Murphy
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Reliable Motors/Overheating Experience

Over the past couple of days the temperature gauge in my 91 Explorer has
slowly been rising above normal. The temperature gauge normally never made
it to the letter "N" in "normal" but yesterday and the day before it had
consistently been staying at the 12 o'clock position over short trips. Then
today, after about 4 miles, the temperature reached the "L" in normal and
would have probably continued to rise had I not stopped to let it cool down.
Back at the house, I drained all of the antifreeze out of the system hoping
that it was clogged with dirt and would be an easy fix. About 2 gallons of
antifreeze was drained out but, however, only 1 gallon would go back in
after the system was flushed. I determined that the thermostat was stuck
after turning to the heat to maximum and found that only cold air would flow
even when the engine had warmed up.

Not wanting to tackle the job of the thermostat, I attempted to drive it to
a local service station but made the sad mistake of leaving the heat on.
This caused the engine to heat up bad enough to rattle slightly and boil the
water. I immediately pulled over and had it towed the rest of the way.
After replacing the thermostat, it is running cool again and seems to be
fine after the overheating experience.

Lessons Learned: Although the gauge may say "Normal", anything above what
the vehicle temperature usually runs should be looked at immediately. I
also believe/hope that this problem was the culprit of the loss of water in
the system and the extremely rough idling. These must be unbelievable
engines. To run as cool as it did without getting any coolant amazed me. I
just hope that I didn't do any long term damage.

Wesley Murphy
Pine Knot, Kentucky
91 Eddie Bauer Explorer

> So, what are your experiences with your 4.0s? Are they as reliable and
> dependable as the 2.9s?

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