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small-list-digest Saturday, October 16 1999 Volume 03 : Number 269

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Re: FTE Small - Explorer Exhaust
Re: FTE Small - Bll/California smog advise
FTE Small - FW: Ranger hub covers
Re: [FTE Small - Speedo gear]



Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:04:14 -0400
From: David Cooley
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Explorer Exhaust

At 09:51 PM 10/14/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>I have a 94 Explorer with FlowmasterII single exahust on it with a KKM
>Tru-Rev intake on mine. All the KKM Tru-Rev intake is is a high flow S &
>B conical filter on a fitting that goes on your stock intake where your
>airbox would be. I don't understand the type of set up you are
>discribing. Does it replace the stock air box?? Also is it an external
>snorkle?? If so how'd you make it or where'd you buy it?? I'd love plans
>to build an external snorkle using a custom cone filter and an external
>pipe leading up to an intake on the roof...

Hi Joe,
On my 97, the V8 used a square air box in the front Pass. side of the
engine compartment for the air filter. It had a wimpy little 2" X 1.5"
oval snorkle for the inlet that went forward thru the core support to right
behind the headlight. I just made the hole in the front of the stock
airbox 4" in diameter, made the hole in the plastic shield on the core
support 4" dai also, and put a piece of 4" dia PCV pipe in place of the
stock snorkle... I'll take it apart this weekend and snap some pics and get
them posted on my web site..
For your KKM, you could get a piece of PCV pipe the same I.D. as the
largest dia of the cone filter, and get a pcv fitting on the end to reduce
it to 3" or 4" dia and use some 3" or 4" flexi hose to run it where you want...

>Lastly my exahust question is this... If I replace the tailpipe from the
>muffler back with a 3 inch pipe do you think that'll give me more sound??

Definitely... The less restriction in the tailpipe, the more sound you'll have.

>It's 2 1/2 inch now. Would running it straight pipe harm the
>engine?? How bout with a glass pack on it?? I want more noise. :)

Straight pipe shouldn't hurt anything, but it may flow enough that the EEC
can't compensate with enough fuel... Might get an adjustable fuel pressure
regulator and crank it up 2-3 PSI over stock to make up for the additional air.
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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:48:32 -0400
From: Dave Slotter
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Bll/California smog advise

Hi Adam. While searching for info on EGR sensors, I see I never
replied to this post you sent to the list a few months ago. (Hadn't
read it to tell you the truth.)

Does your truck have an automatic or manual transmission? Even if
your vehicle is in tip-top shape, if the gear ratio is not efficient,
your gas mileage will suffer (especially if you have an automatic
tranny). However, the differences in gas mileage between automatic
and manual trannies has blurred to some extent in recent years.

Anyway, my gas mileage driving to from work (50/50 mix between
highway and city roads *timewise* - mileage is about 60% highway 40%
city) is about 21-22 mpg. However, I think the 30 mpg I got before
may have been a fluke as I've never been able to duplicate that since
that earlier trip. I bet that the tank of gas caused that. Typically
we're in the 25 mpg range for highway driving.

We have a Mitsubishi 5 speed transmission (Overdrive) which was
recently replaced with one from a junkyard (which had been recently
rebuilt - yeah!) However, we're now regularly getting complaints from
the computer about the mixture being rich and about the EGR sensor
not working properly. I wonder if I'll be able to duplicate that 30
mpg again if I replace the sensor?

As I'm not passing PA emissions, I hope that replacing the sensor
will bring us back into acceptable limits (as well as increasing gas

By the way, we're planning on selling the truck next spring (want to
have 4WD during the winter). While I like the truck, it is getting
older and I want to sell it while it's in good maintenance. If anyone
has any serious offers, let me know. It has 125K miles on it now with
newly rebuilt tranny and new clutch. We had the flywheel resurfaced
and replaced the rear engine seal. In addition, we replaced the
U-joint on the driveshaft which supplies power to the front wheels
and it runs really smooth. It is a gray 1986 Bronco II with 2.9 V6,
4WD (and great gas mileage of course).

- -Dave

At 7:41 PM -0700 8/23/99, Adam McLaughlin wrote:
>25 MPG! What?! I am running a 2.9 that burns no synthetic oil, uses
>a MSD Ignition,
>Flowmasters, K&N Intake, runs on only 93 Octane gas, drips nothing,
>etc, and I get
>MAYBE 16 MPG! The timing here is 14 BTDC. My computer reports 1's
>too! I have a new
>MAP, O2, TPS and MAF sensors!
>31 x 10.50s BFG A/Ts....
>What is your secret?!
>Dave Slotter wrote:
>> >I am looking into getting a Bll in the '87-'90 range. V6, 5 spd etc. I
>> >have an '85 2.8 Ranger and the thing is almost impossible to get through
>> >Cal smog tests. I've put around $400. into it and still no-go. Anyway, I
>> >want to hear any stories, pro or con, about the FI engines or any other
>> >problems/fixed with the Bll's in California.
>> >
>> >TIA
>> >
>> >John
>> Hi John.
>> What's the last time you ran the computer diagnostics on your BII?
>> We have a 1986 BII with 2.9 V6 which reports back 1's (all good) on
>> the computer test and we get 30 mpg (yes, 30) with my wife driving on
>> the highway at 70-75 mph. If I'm driving, it drops down to 25 mpg (my
>> driving style).
>> The BII failed emissions last year, but I believe that the reason is
>> that happened because the timing was 5 degrees ATDC! When adjusting
>> timing you have to disconnect the SPOUT, otherwise the computer will
>> adjust the timing on you and in turn foul up your manual adjustment.
>> The mechanic whom worked on this before me wasn't aware of this.
>> (He's more used to carbureted engines and not the newer EFI and
>> electronic ignition systems.)
>> If our BII fails emissions again this year, I know that we will have
>> to replace the CAT, because if the computer is giving us 1's, then
>> the exhaust before the CAT is as good as it's going to get. Even if
>> it failed *again* we would be able to get an exemption sticker if we
>> pay more than a certain amount to fix the problem *or* travel less
>> than 6,000 miles a year. But I feel confident about passing...
> >
>> PA's emissions tests are just as difficult as CA's to pass from what I hear.
>> Good luck!
>> -Dave
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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:08:54 -0700
From: Ray Scheidnes
Subject: FTE Small - FW: Ranger hub covers

> Hi all,
> On my '94 Ranger 4x4, I have Mickey Thompson/Alcoa Classic wheels (15x7)
> without the center caps. I discovered that my buddy's '96 Explorer
> sport's hub covers will fit my wheels nicely, provided that I have the
> factory aluminum wheel lug nuts. The only problem is with the front
> wheels - I have the factory 4x4 hubs sticking out. I could get the '96
> Explorer hub covers and cut a hole for the hub, but not sure how clean
> that would look since the hub cover is chromed plastic. The hub covers
> for a '96 Ranger (the last year that I think that Ford had front hubs like
> my '94 does) are star-shaped, but they won't work with my wheels (this cap
> sits off of the wheel too far, leaving a gap between the cap and the
> wheel).
> Has anyone been able to do this trick successfully?
> Ray Scheidnes
> International Trade Settlements
> Nicholas-Applegate
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Date: 15 Oct 99 21:23:24 EDT
From: Tim Turner
Subject: Re: [FTE Small - Speedo gear]

J Cope wrote:
> Hey girls and guys!
> I'm getting 30x9.5s for my BII, and I'm gonna need a new gear for my
> Any help as to where to find one and how to install it would be greatly=

> appreciated!
> Thanks!!
> =

FoMoCo.. try one tooth smaller than your current gear located at the end =
the cable; should be one 10mm head bolt (I think.. might be 11 or 13mm)
holding the retainer in place. Remove the bolt and pull the housing out
(possible fluid loss so a catch pan might help). Usually the number of t=
is stamped somewhere on the gear, but if not count and RE-count the teeth=

On my '85 B-II with 4.10:1 gears 31x10.5s made the speedometer off by abo=
7-8% (ie: 50=3D54 100=3D108 on the dyno) I don't know if the previous o=
wner had
it recalibrated for the 235/75s he was using or not but for the small
difference I haven't bothered to reacalibrate mine. In general I just pu=
t the
speedometer on the speed limit and know that I'm a few over until I hit t=
higher limits like 70 where the percentage means a little more over... I =
65 (indicated) and it works out to about 71 or so as I recall.

If your gearing is other than 4.10 it'll probably make more of a differen=
ce so
you might need to experiment a bit with a buddy that's got an accurate
speedometer (ie: got a ticket at a HIGH rate of speed and the Radar match=
his speedometer. Remember it's a ratio so the error is more at high spee=
d.) =

Two cell phones or CB/Ham radios help for instant comparisons of the
speedometers but aren't needed if you compare notes after the speed run. =
you have a policeman friend it's even better if he'll radar you during hi=
s off
time in exchange for some 'beverages' or whatever he likes. Of course th=
always the local speedometer place, but if it's like here they'll want $3=
0 or
more for the 6 minutes it takes to run the speed check and another $40+ t=
recal. it Vs. a $8 gear once or twice and some beer to a buddy... Easy c=
in my book! (Of course beer always weighs heavily in any equation I'm us=
;-) (To be PC and avoid flames in my mail please wait until all the driv=
is done to imbibe etc. etc. yada yada, wear your seat belt and retro-fit =
airbag too; maybe add a roll bar just in case since the B-II is 'supposed=


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