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Re: FTE Small - ADMIN: Extended Warrantees
FTE Small - p's & q's on 88 BII



Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 06:04:00 -0400
From: "Kevin & Laurie Murphy"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - ADMIN: Extended Warrantees

Bit too pricey for me - $1000 for only 12 mos. on a 1994. I'd rather pocket
the money and use it if needed, at that price I'd come out ahead to avoid


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Sent: Friday, June 25, 1999 5:03 PM
Subject: FTE Small - ADMIN: Extended Warrantees

Dear Ford Truck Enthusiasts list members:

We have a new advertiser on our web site. Since the beginning,
our practice with web site advertisers has been to make a brief
announcement for 2 days (this is day 1 of 2). This is our only
exception to commercial advertising on our mailing lists.
Please show your appreciation to them for helping to support the
web site and the lists by checking out their site:

WarranteeWise offers FREE ON-LINE QUOTES for vehicle service
agreements (extended warrantees) on new, pre-owned, and even
the vehicle you are currently driving. (Including "Bumper-to-Bumper"
plans). Prices are significantly lower than factory extended

To visit them, go to the Ford Truck Enthusiasts web site,
( ) and you'll find their link
on the left side of the screen about half-way down.

We would like to you to let then know you heard about them via
Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

Now returning you to our regularly scheduled program...

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 23:11:19 -0400
From: "Stephen Bozzone"
Subject: FTE Small - p's & q's on 88 BII

I have a 1988 BII Eddie Bauer 2.9l 4x4.

Just recently the oil light came on, so I put a half quart in. light off.
It only took 4 days to go back on again, where i put the second half of the
quart in. light off.

I assume that it is burning oil.. why? I notice that when I start the car,
a short puff of smoke exits the exhaust, after that it is fine. Other than
that, I have no clue.
I went to check the oil level, but when i tried to yank the dipstick, the
entire tube came out. It's totally loose. I will get that repaired, but is
it a big problem in the meantime? Can I continue to drive with this

My BroncoII also is ticking. I have payed more attention to this problem
lately. There are minutes when it does not tick at all, and then others
where it's very noticeable. Somedays i'll start the car and it will tick
right from the start, other times it will take a few minutes. As of late it
has been getting louder. Any ideas what's the cause?

I've noticed that when driving along a normal road (which includes the
occasional bumps and grooves), i hear something rattling on the left side.
I've gotten under the car and I can't find anything loose. any ideas with
this one?

When I make 90 degree turns to the right, after turning back straight, I
feel a drag/rumbling noise coming from the rear right tire. any help with
that one would be apriciated.

Thanks for the help!

Steve Bozzone
Administrative Director -
ICQ: 196843 || AIM: RudeSkam69
-- "I see now mankind was not meant to last." [Hatebreed] --

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