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Re: FTE Small - Doh!
Re:Re: FTE Small - New truck engine



Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 14:03:18 -0400
From: "Anthony Rifici"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Doh!

>>I couldn't find anything obvious so we ended up having it towed home
>>(65 bucks for 1 mile!).
>I pay my AAA Plus membership just exactly for this reason. It might
>be something you want to look into. Some insurance companies offer an
>"auto club" but they generally are worthless if you look at the "fine

I agree, the AAA thing is a good deal. I have the Plus membership,
which entitles me to 100 miles of free towing, which more than makes up the
cost of the membership. I used it on my previous truck (an S10) when I got
stranded 45 miles from home. Imagine what that would have cost. I also was
able to get re-imbursed for towing after my truck was towed out of my
apartment complex when I forgot to put the parking pass on it. Also, the
odds are high that I will eventually have to get pulled out of somewhere in
the winter, since I have a 2wd, open differential Ranger and live in the
snow belt. Maps and travel assistance are a big plus too.
We thought of calling AAA to tow my father's 53 F100 to the welders to
get the IFS put on. However, we didn't think that they would believe that
it just broke down, since it is just the stripped out cab sitting on a frame
with no engine. It would have been funny to see the tow truck drivers face
when he pulled up though.

94 Ranger Supercab, 4.0L, 5-Speed

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Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 18:02:23 -0600
From: Tim Curran
Subject: Re:Re: FTE Small - New truck engine

> > I have a 1988 Ranger with a milked 2.3L engine that came out of a '78
> > Pinto. The thing burns oil like crazy and the truck doesn't really have
> > enough power to keep up on the interstate. I would like to put in a new
> > engine. Any suggestions are appreciated.
> I've got a 79 Capri with 2.3 that was turbo charged (pulled it off). It has
> cast iron pistons and was rebuilt about 30k miles ago. You can buy the whole
> car for $200 and with a little brake work drive it back home from Sturgis
> South Dakota. A good time to come get it would be the week of the motorcycle
> rally the first week of August.
> D Baken

Cast iron pistons? ........ where'd you find those at? .............

You're best bet is to rebuild the origanal 2.3 if you still have it or pull the
one you're running now and take it to a machine shop and have it rebuilt. By far I
don't recommend buying a rebuild that comes with a $600 to $800 price, those are
bomber engines. A good rebuild job on a 2.3 runs in the ball park of $1,000 -
$1,200, depending on how beat up the engine is, in your case it still runs so
that's a good sign. I have a '88 Rnager with a fuel injected 2.3 that we rebuilt
back in September, from start to finish the whole project ran me $1,500.... that
included boring the block 0.030" over, new pistons and rings, new rod and main
bearings, turned the crankshaft 0.020/0.010, new oil pump, ground the flywheel,
new clutch kit, water pump, rebuilt starter.......... the truck feels brand new
again and practically does wheelies off the line at stop lights..........

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