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Re: FTE Small - That red mark on the speedometer
Re: FTE Small - Red mark/National Speed Limit FACTS
FTE Small - B II 's with automatics ( No war, please ; } )



Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 11:57:48 -0600
From: "David Herron"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - That red mark on the speedometer

Two posts in the last couple of days -- this has been an ongoing subject for
about 4 months. I'm just glad somebody decided it really didn't matter
anyway... :-)

- --Dave

> There's only been two posts, JJ... Gee!
> JJ Thomas wrote:
> > ya know, I don't know which is worst; the time the thread is taking to
> > out, or all the "enough already" postings...
> >
> >
> >
> > At 12:11 05/13/99 -0700, you wrote:
> > >Matthew Banevich wrote -------------------------------------------
> > >
> > >WHO CARES!!!!!! Enough Already!
> > >
> > >Me ---------------------------------------------------------------
> > >
> > >I agree. I'm sorry I started this.
> > >I'm crying "uncle."
> > >
> > > ---> "UNCLE!"
> > >
> > >Richard
> > >
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Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 22:25:31 -0400
From: Tim Turner

I was going to stay out of this one but somebody had to mention me...

Thom Cheney wrote:
> Michael D. Sheridan wrote:
> >
> > Do they intend, for example, to give us a daily
> > allowance for everyday we can't use what we paid for?
> ummm... well.. good luck on that.

*IF* you raised enough Hell and got them to keep the vehicle until such
parts are available then at best they might furnish a loaner vehicle,
but dont count on it. Let's see.. if the cruise was $200 on a $20,0000
vehicle that would be .01 of the cost, let's extend it out for a typical
60 month loan and we get $3.33 per month or 11 cents a day towards the
cruise. If the cables DO come in by the end of this month then it's
about a buck and a half so I'd suggest having 2 or 3 cups of coffee and
several doughnuts from the waiting room while they replace the cable to
offset this small amount. (If you go in hungry you might even be

> The worst problem is the utter feeling of helplessness. The feeling is
> that you are the only one concerned & the *&%^$# dealer doesn't give a
> rat's ***.

I hear that far too often both about dealers and independant shops.

> This problem is an inconvenience at worst. You can still use the
> vehicle safely. We all know you paid (or will still be paying for a few
> years, like me) for a vehicle with cruise control & should by rights be
> able to use it.

Still can at his own risk... (be ready to turn the key off though!)

> I wish you good luck in getting it fixed in a reasonable way and in a
> reasonable amount of time.

I do too, I'm sure Ford and the manufacturer of the cables have been
popping bricks out of their butts at a alarming rate to meet the sudden
demand for so many cables. At least it's unlike the problem Chrysler
had with leaking fuel injector rails that were on backorder; I'd sure
rather drive with no CC than a pressurized fuel leak.

> In the interrim... WE are not Ford... (well... except for Tim Turner)...

Nope.. might have Ford emblems on my work boots, but *not* on my work
shirts. Unless dealerships totally revamp the way technicians are paid I
seriously doubt I'd ever work at one. (I do work about 1/4 mile from
the local Ford dealer though.) :-)

> we may offer some advice... but
> really, and truly, we are in the same boat you are. We may applaud your
> ultimatums, but we aren't the ones to be yelling at.

But a sympathetic ear is always nice to have. ;-)

Hmm.. just a random thought.. if 1 million cables are needed then how
many million dollars is this going to cost Ford for parts and warranty
labor? If it's $5 per cable and $10 to the technician that's a
potential $15,000,000 that Ford has to eat. Guess that (unconfirmed) 4
figure profit on each Expedition will come in handy..

Tim at Custer Auto Repair close to Cape Fear Ford. :-)
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Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 22:45:29 -0400
From: Tim Turner
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Red mark/National Speed Limit FACTS

Anthony Rifici wrote:

> Now if we want to discuss speedometers, why did most vehicles in the
> "red mark" era have 85 MPH speedometers? Why was the 85 MPH speedometer a
> standard across the industry, even for different manufacturers (I said most
> not all). Why weren't some 80, 90, or 95, depending on the make/model? New
> cars don't exhibit this uniformity? Was some government agency pressuring
> automakers to do this?

That too was mandated, but I'm unsure as to the dates of enactment and
repealment. The thinking was that people wouldn't see how fast the
vehicle would go if the speedometer didnt go very high. Yeah right..
doesn't take long to pull the peg out on round dials, my old Opel would
almost come back to 0, for rectangular ones well it's kinda neat to
watch the needle banging on the end..
this fast on public roads, but I was young, stupid and lucky at one
time>. I remember the motorcycle magazines of the time that the law
passed talking about how silly it was to be able to peg the speedometer
with 2-4 gears left so it was probably mid-late 70's. There was a small
market for 2:1 gear boxes to make your 85 speedo a 170 but of course you
would need to warn anyone using your vehicle beforehand! (Officer I
swear the speedometer said 55! I couldn't have been doing 110.)

Tim Turner/Manic Mechanic
Custer Auto Repair
Wilmington NC USA
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Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 21:34:58 -0700
From: "Keith Christensen"
Subject: FTE Small - B II 's with automatics ( No war, please ; } )

>> >But then again, how many people have a BII with an automatic? - -Dave

>Doesn't Seattle get snow a bunch? I'd expect (want!) a manual for those

Actually, Metropolitan Seattle area with elevations below 1000 ft doesn't
get that much snow. We do get hit with some rare snowdumps like back in
96-97 holidays ( the B II got around without chains while not much else did
with 'em!). We do get a lot of short 1-3 " splats that stay around for
maybe 3-4 days, but that's enough to paralyze the marching morons here.

Head east up into the Cascades, and then you do see massive amounts. That's
why my 'other vehicle' is a LMC BearTrac snocat...

I grew up in Montana with sticks aplenty on the ranch, and I'm not knocking
them at all... I cobbled an old M38A1 roundhood (Military version of the
CJ5) with a MerCruiser 120 ( rebopped C***y 4 cyl) in front of a 'small' IH
5 speed, the old 2 stick xfer, and the Warn OD as well, nobody else could
drive it unless they had OJT to get used to which pole to grab for what !
(and I wish I could "twin lever" convert the one in the B II easily)

But for the snow and traffic here, I like the auto better. I can do a better
job of 'feeding it just enough to go instead of spinning using '2' here than
I can with the stick B II that a buddy has. Our snow is usually
sloppy/dense crap.

Back in Montana on the east slope of the Divide, you don't have the traffic
cramp, and the snow is the crusty/grainy /drifty kind.. a stick works great
in that! You can get more momentum built up to blast drifts.

There's good/ bad on both... you just have to learn how to deal with both
on their terms

>7 Miles to work and 12 stop lights with usually 8 reds on average..
>I'll take my 5 speed any day over an auto. Doing the work yourself you
>can go through a bunch of clutches for the price of one rebuild of an

That's true! Doing that now is not an easy option.. time/tools/ backaches
just won't let me do much of it anymore.
I got kinda burnt out on working under vehicles after trying to bench-press
a K-car when a jackstand collapsed.

The other problem was trying to relearn the Tojo's shift pattern after
driving a M35 deuce or the 5 ton .
1st /5th/rev/2nd all different.. The Deuce's tranny just made loud noises on
mistakes and wouldn't let you do it.. the Tojo quietly would "accept" and

>True.. but I spent the extra month to find a 5 speed. ;-) I was
>*very* happy that it had no power options or automatic hubs either.
>Since I fix those 'options' all the time and see stuck 4x4s from simple
>failures of the 'power' crap on a daily basis I dont want it!

THAT is da truth.. I did go manual hubs and lever xfer case..
I did go the power windows/ door locks, but I can stand up working on those!
(besides, it was used when I got it.. ya take the best choice....)

>> ( trying to locate the
>> owner of one sitting in a alley that's had BOTH of the pricey rear side
>> glass panels broken..)
>Even one is almost grounds for totaling one as old as my '85. ;-)
Yup, previous owner's insurance papers showed that they paid $1400 for ONE
side busted..
I figure if I can get it cheap, I'll cobble some LEXAN in there. I plan on
building a 'who cares what it looks like' rig that gets places that the
fancy ones can't. "Working Cowboy 4 wheeler, complete with cowass dents on
at least one fender"

>Or on to the auto/manual war..

No war, but hope to get some good discussions and philosophy going..

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